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Andy Shwetzer

How to Find Scalable, Winning Products On Aliexpress (Verum Summary)

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How to Find Scalable, Winning Products On Aliexpress:


If you're trying to get into drop shipping, you're much more likely to make money by copying what's already working. You don't need to reinvent the wheel to help you make your first successful store. 


My strategy involves finding hot products and essentially copying what is already working.


STEP #1: Find Potential Products


The first step is finding several potential products. To do this, just scroll through your Facebook newsfeed looking for dropshipping ads with lots of engagement, find whatever you can and we'll narrow it down later.


For now, you just want a list of potential products that people are already advertising.


It might seem like a bad idea since that means you'll have lots of competitors before you even begin, but the truth is that competition is actually a really good sign. It shows that the product is selling and that means you should be able to sell it too. 


Before you start scrolling through your newsfeed looking for products that are selling, you’ll want to go to facebook.com/ads/preferences. Here, you'll find a list of items that Facebook thinks you're interested in.


If you see dropshipping and AliExpress as an interest, make sure you remove them before scrolling through your newsfeed looking for ads. Since a lot of dropshippers want to hide their ads from other dropshippers, they'll exclude dropshipping and Aliexpress in their ads targeting. 


So, if you skip this step, you'll miss out on a lot of potential products that you can copy. I didn't have AliExpress listed as an interest because we've been using a private supplier for a while now, but it should be listed under business and industry. If you have it, just make sure to click on ‘see more’ until you get the full list of interests under this category. 


Once you have those interests removed, go to the Chrome web store and get the Turbo ad Finder extension. I know a lot of you guys have said that it's no longer working, but if you get it from the Chrome web store rather than from their website, it should work fine.


(Let me know if it doesn't because there is an alternative, but it doesn't work as well.)


Now, go to the Facebook newsfeed and turn on turbo ad finder. Enabling this extension should remove any content from your newsfeed that isn't an advertisement. This is going to save you a lot of time when you're looking for drop shipping ads as you're scrolling.


Look for any products that you can source from AliExpress. There are alternative sources for dropshipping products, but in terms of selection and price it's hard to beat Ali, especially when you're just starting out.


AliExpress is not known for the best quality, and a lot of vendors are actually pretty bad in terms of shipping things on time. But, you can definitely find some quality products to dropship on there. That's how I got started, and I think it's the best place for you to get started too.


So, as you’re going through the newsfeed, here are some tips for identifying AliExpress products:


Tip #1 -  See if the name of the Facebook page makes sense.

If the page is called “Little Tiger” but sells folding stools, it's probably a drop shipping store. 


Tip #2 -  Check the website.

Most dropshipping stores are easily identified by bad product images, sales timers, and “big savings” placed everywhere.


Tip #3 - Check the product images to see if the store logo is printed on the product.

If it isn't, it is most likely it's a drop shipping store, and you'll easily find the same product on AliExpress.


Now that you can identify dropshipping ads, compile a list of all the ads you find by using the “save video” function on Facebook.


While you're doing this, Facebook might stop feeding you ads after you scroll fully awhile. If that happens, you should just refresh the page to get a new set of ads.


Now once you have your list of at least five different dropshipping ads, you're ready for the next step, which will be going through our list and narrowing it down to the best products.


(And just in case you think that these products can't be sourced from Aliexpress, I found listings for each product). 


These are the products I found (see images at the bottom of this post for examples)


  1. Baby Diaper Bag

  2. Folding Stool

  3. Custom Dog Harness

  4. Mini Projector

  5. Hexagon Tiles

  6. Smart Fitness Watch.




#1: Check the # Of Ad Views


Once you have a list of ads like the ones we found, the first thing you should do is check the number of views on the ad. 


‘All views’ isn’t the most accurate measurement for telling if a product is selling well. However, if an ad has over a million views it's probably selling at least somewhat well. The reason it's not too accurate is because worldwide views are dirt cheap, especially when you're running a PPE campaign, but a million views is a good indicator that they're running more than just PPE campaigns.


From our list of ads, the custom dog harness and the smart fitness watch were the only ones that had over a million views.


We won't exclude the other products from our list yet. We'll just note that these two products might be doing the best. 


#2 : Look at The Facebook Page Running The Advertisement


If the page has over a thousand likes AND has been running for more than three months, then it's probably doing pretty well.


Since people can buy fake likes for their Facebook page, you shouldn't use this as an absolute indicator that the store is doing well either. But, in our experience, most people including ourselves don't buy fake “likes” for our store pages. 


Either way, you should use the number of page likes as a way to weed out products for six examples. 


The baby diaper bag has close to 4,000 likes and has been running for about a year, plus the engagement on some other page posts. This suggests that the page likes are legit.


We'll keep this one on the list. 


The folding stool page only has 700 hundred likes but has been running for close to half a year. That's close enough. We'll keep it on the list for now as well. 


The light up Hexagon Tiles only has a few likes and they are just sort of running the page, which makes me skeptical about the product. I'm probably going to take it off the list, but just to make sure, I'll take a quick look on AliExpress and see how it's doing. 


The hottest listing only has a few hundred orders, which is not good. You want products that have multiple listings with over 8,000 orders.


On these Hexagon tiles, the pricing was also way too high at $25 for four pieces, meaning I would have to sell them for at least $50 and even then margins will be raised, and the product will be overpriced. In my opinion, light-up hexagon tiles are looking like the best option, so I'll cross it off the list.


The smart fitness watch page has over 5,000 likes and has been running for a year and a half. These metrics look really good, and their marketing angle is really interesting. They're selling it as a product for veterans and veteran supporters. I'll keep this one on the list for sure. 


The mini-projector has 1200 likes and has been running for a month and a half. They also seem to have German and French versions of their store, which is really interesting since they probably wouldn't expand it to these markets until their English markets were doing well. I'm thinking this is a pretty viral product, so I'll keep it on the list. 


Lastly, the custom dog harness page has been running for over eight years, with over 7,000 page likes. I'll definitely keep an eye out for this one as well. 


So far the only product that we have crossed off the list is the light-up hexagon tiles


You don't want to be too picky about your options at this point, because you'll want multiple choices for the final selection process. 


#3 - Look at the other ads that the pages are running for each of your products.


Go to the Facebook page, click ‘see more’ under ‘transparency’. Click on “See More”, and then go to the ads library for the page.


You should look for a few different things here:


  1. How long they've been running the same creative?

  2. How many different listings they have for the same product?

  3. How hard they are scaling?


Unfortunately, you'll only be able to get reliable information on this when an ad features a Bitly link. I'll show you how to do so shortly.


ITEM #1 - Diaper Bag


They've been running the same ads since September, and they also have a few different variations of the creative.


These are both really good signs, since they wouldn't keep running their ads if they were losing money. 


Plus, the fact that they released all these videos on the same day and kept them running means that the product is great at selling itself. If the product wasn't great at selling itself, they would have only been able to get one or two of these creatives to work, rather than all of them. This is looking like a potential winner. 


ITEM #2 - Folding Stool

Looking at the page for the folding stool, it looks like they're testing three different thumbnails, but don't have multiple different videos running. 


The only other ad they're running is a children's toy. The fact that they're testing multiple items, combined with the fact that they just started running these ads makes me think that they're still in the testing phase. 


Also, notice that there are Bitly Links. Whenever you see a Bitly link, copy and paste the link into your browser with a “+” sign at the end to check for traffic.


It will show you the number of link clicks over time, and we found that they weren’t really pushing big numbers.


I'll also take a look at their website to see why they can't scale, since I think that both the product and ad actually aren't too bad. Just looking at their pricing, it's pretty obvious where they aren't selling. 50 bucks is way too expensive for this stool...


We'll go ahead and cross the stool off the list.


ITEM #3 - Smart Fitness Watch


We see that they're testing three new products. They've been running the fitness watch for over a month, and have several different ads running for it, with multiple ads running for other item(s) as well.


It looks like they're doing really well and are just looking to find more products to sell. This product is definitely looking really promising. 


ITEM #4 - Mini Projector


It looks like they've ran their active ads for less than a week. They have one ad for cold traffic, and another for retargeting. 


This doesn't look too good, but we'll keep it on the list for now.


This product is actually doing really well. Plus running a retargeting campaign. It's really only effective once you've scaled to at least a few hundred dollars per day in ad spend. 


Like I said, you want to keep your options open for the funnel phase of selection. 


ITEM #5 - Custom Dog Harness


They have ads that have been running since April.


They also have tons of different variations for their creative they haven't had with the vertical format building. 


They must've been scaling pretty high to include the creative specifically for Instagram story ads.


Without a doubt, the dog harness is selling really well.


After looking at the Facebook Ad Library, we have four products left on the list:


  1. Diaper bag 
  2. Fitness watch
  3. Mini projector 
  4. Dog harness


#4: Check Aliexpress Orders


They're definitely all selling, but now we're looking for the best option to narrow it down to one product. You should go to AliExpress, look up each of your products and sort by orders here. 


We'll try to weigh a few different factors to pick out the best product to sell. You should be looking at the following things:


a. Margin

b. Number of orders

c. Media Content 

d. Product Quality


Each of these are important to consider, though if we had to narrow it down to one, the margins would be the most important, due to their influence when it comes to scaling.




Since your advertising cost per purchase will increase as you scale budgets, operating on razor-thin margins won't give you much room to grow, assuming that you can even get low-margin products to be profitable.


I like to look for products that I can sell for at least a 300% markup, with the margin dollar amount being at least $25.




The number of orders on a product shows that it sells well online, and that it probably can't be found too easily on stores. 


Personally, I like to sell items that have at least a few thousand orders already, because that means the product has been tested before. Plus, reviews mean a lot more when a listing has a few thousand orders. 


Since it's hard to inflate ratings with so many real customers, you should know that having multiple listings with thousands of orders is also a really good sign; suppliers on AliExpress tend to hop on products that sell well.




The amount of copyright-free media content is important when it comes to making your website and advertisements. While you can get away with using YouTube videos and other copyrighted media for some time, I would highly recommend looking for items that have media content ready to use.


Having a lot of content readily available from Chinese suppliers is also a good sign that the product is selling well. Suppliers taking the time to taking photos or videos is unlikely, unless the product is doing really well.




Sure, you can make a quick buck selling subpar items -- but you'll never be able to have a sustainable store. Since Facebook is rolling out surveys to buyers quickly these days, they also know when customers are upset with the products they receive. You'll also have to deal with way more customer-service requests.


Not only that, but large amounts of chargebacks due to low customer satisfaction often results in large holds from Shopify and your payment processors. This can mean that you will never be able to try drop shipping again.


You should use these factors to get an overall picture for each product and then try to compare them. 


There is no absolute formula for this. You just want to go with what feels like the best option. So, let's take a look at each of the four products we have left. 




Let’s start with a diaper bag. I see that they're selling for $17, and I think I can definitely sell them for at least $50 which will leave me with about $33 to spend on ads. These aren’t the best margins, but they’re definitely doable. The number of orders on the top listing is over 11,000, so this has definitely been selling super-well, and there's also several other listings with over a thousand orders. In terms of media content available for the bag, I see that the biggest listing has some really great product images that I can use for my store, so I’ll go with this one.


There's also a ton of other listings with similar bags that I can take photos and videos from. This would be great for making some high quality ads without creating my own videos, and without running the risk of taking copyrighted media. 


Plus, these bags must be selling really well for so many suppliers to be creating their own content. Looking at the reviews for this bag, it looks like they’re really good quality, with 4.9 stars and the supplier being considered a top-brand. The shipping times are probably fast and reliable for Aliexpress standards. I definitely don't see myself running into any problems with people being dissatisfied with the product. Overall, the bag looks like a good candidate with lots of sales, tons of media content, and great reviews. The only part that's not that great is the profit margin, but it’s within an acceptable range.




Looking at the listings for this product, it appears that these watches are only $9 at most. This means the margins could be upwards of 500% at a minimum, or about $36 conservatively, making it great for scaling! There are a good amount of orders on these listings, but not as many as the bag. This surprises me, since I know that these watches are probably selling way more units, and has me a little skeptical about the quality of the product


You should know that with low-quality products (especially electronics) suppliers will remove listings after the reviews drop too low, and will then reopen the same listing, picking out the first hundred or so reviews. Then, they’ll rinse and repeat this. As far as media content goes, it looks like there are plenty of listings with a wide variety of photos and videos available.


Just like the bag, this would be great for my website and ads. 


Now, back to the quality of the watches (which has me concerned) — the reviews range from 4.3 to 4.7, but that's not too great considering how many orders are on each of the listings. I have a strong suspicion that these reviews are fake. 


Plus, I'm careful about selling electronics, because I know that they're usually not the best quality within this price range. Considering these watches are meant to be waterproof, with claims of a variety of sensors for heartbeat and blood pressure, I'm going to say that these will probably get me in trouble later down the line, especially if I'm trying to sell them at the margins I was predicting. I'm going to cross the Smart Watches off the list, since I don't want to run into any Facebook or Shopify troubles with this store, and any other stores associated with my name.




Next up is the mini projector. Before we go over all the details, it looks like there's only one listing with good-enough margins, and the reviews for it are not that great.


I'm also very skeptical about the quality of this product since it looks like all the other listings are at least three times the cost, plus the one potential listing doesn't have too much media content that I can use. 


I would probably have to make my own video, or run the risk of using bits and pieces of the ad from earlier, which I would prefer not to do. 


I'm going to go ahead and cross this one off the list.




Last up is the custom dog harness. The harness would have to have really good margins if we sold them for $50, which I think is super reasonable. At that price point, I would have $40 for ads, which I think is plenty for a custom product like this.


The number of orders on this product isn’t the best, but there are multiple listings with a couple thousand orders, so this doesn't concern me. 


In terms of media content, there really isn't much for this product. There are a few photos, but nothing that really showcases a dog wearing the harness. Looking at the store advertising the harness, it looks like they have a lot of original photos and videos that were both used in advertisements, and in their store. If I were to sell this, I definitely have to come up with my own photos and videos to use. The quality looks on point, with a 4.8 on almost all the listings for this product, with all the photo reviews. I'm not really concerned about fake reviews for this one, and unlike electronics, I don't think a harness will break too easily.




In the end, it comes down to a baby-diaper bag that has great video content with acceptable Margins, OR a dog harness with virtually no media content, and slightly higher margins.


Both the products look like their quality is on point. If you are in this situation, you could pick either one and I think it will be a great choice as long as you knew that the dog harness will require a little more work with having to take some photos and videos.



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but how to cross off the saturated products them? numbers might be good, but falling quickly

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On 3/10/2020 at 5:45 AM, alexalex said:

but how to cross off the saturated products them? numbers might be good, but falling quickly

What do you mean?

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So my Turbo Ad Finder doesn't work correct .... I don't know why? What is the other option you mentioned above?

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On 3/16/2020 at 9:40 PM, Dustin said:

So my Turbo Ad Finder doesn't work correct .... I don't know why? What is the other option you mentioned above?

Product Mafia AD HUNTER 2.0 search for it

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1 hour ago, Empower said:

Product Mafia AD HUNTER 2.0 search for it

Doesn't work for me neither…

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