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Andy Shwetzer

397K Revenue From Retargeting Ads

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When we first started advertising on Facebook, we didn’t have “extra funds” to mess around with. Retargeting ads seemed like the most efficient option - they generate high ROAS and tend to be the most “evergreen” campaign type.


In this case the retargeting campaigns for the eCommerce store generated $397K in revenue.


This is the retargeting strategy we use:




Store Platform: Shopify

Pixel Integration: Perfect Pixel (No longer recommended - just use Shopify's built-in integration.

Objective: Conversions

Ad Set Audience Settings: Based on our customer data

Daily Budget: $5/day (Increases after campaign receives 2 sales within x days)


**Note:  New products and creatives were initially tested using Instagram influencers before moving to Facebook. We’ve found influencers to be an low-cost way to collect Pixel data with high buying-intent (the intent is high because traffic needed to go through multiple steps/clicks to get to our site) 




The overall objective of our retargeting strategy is to get as wide a retarget as possible, as efficiently as possible.


We use DPA carousel ads because they provide potential customers with more options, and require the least amount of Pixel data to make consistent sales. Start with broader custom audiences like as ATC no Purchase, View or ATC no Purchase,  and Time Spent 10%.


After a particular item has sold over 150 units in a month and has more pixel data, then we’ll run campaigns for Pixel Visit Item (based on URL), frequency (visited the site 3 or more times, etc), and other narrower audiences.


These are the initial retargeting campaigns to set up:


  1. ATC no Purchase - 14 Days

  2. ATC no Purchase - 28 Days (Exclude 14 Days)

  3. View or ATC no Purchase - 14 Days

  4. View or ATC no Purchase - 28 Days (Exclude 14 Days)

  5. Time Spent 10% - 14 Days

  6. Time Spent 10% - 28 Days (Exclude 14 Days)

  7. Email Subscribers - 14 Days (If your email list is large enough)

  8. Email Subscribers - 28 Days (Exclude 14 days)

  9. View or ATC no Purchase - 14 Days

  10. View or ATC no Purchase - 28 Days


** 2 Ad sets per each campaign ^ one for Facebook Newsfeed ONLY and another for Instagram Feed ONLY at $5/day.


After hitting $50K/mo, we could afford to be more creative with the retargeting. These are other custom audiences that were consistently profitable for our store:


IG Post Engagement

Time Spent 5%

Pixel Visit Item - Single Product Retarget

Facebook Page Likes - NF

Facebook Post Engagement


Test each of these on 14 days, 28 days, and 45 days (exclude other time frame), and on Facebook Newsfeed, Instagram Feed, and Audience Network + Facebook Newsfeed (combined)


**All time frames greater than 14 days exclude other time frames. I.e. Time Spent 5% - 28 Days excludes Time Spent 5% - 14 Days




This retargeting strategy fairly straightforward with the purpose of being conservative at first, then scaling once there’s enough data to use.


Our retargeting audiences have generated $397K in revenue on 4.13 ROAS, at the time I originally created this case study.

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Thank you so much for the value. Please keep on posting! I have watched you guys' video like 4 times each and trying to understand your reasoning and thoughts. I really owe you a money.

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Thanks for sharing. May I know if the re-targeting CBO will continuously target new audience under the set conditions? 
Say I set Target customers who visited my page in last 30 days. The customers who visit my page after i set up the campaign will be targeted in the CBO also? Or do i need to set up re targeting every time?


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