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Andy Shwetzer

Dropshipping Pros + Cons

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Drop-shipping is not some magic process to make money forever.  It has its pros and cons like everything else. Here is a list of the pros and cons of drop-shipping. To help you maintain a balanced perspective (i.e. not putting all of the cons or pros at the end), I’ve listed them in alternating points below:


Pro: You can set up your business to be fully automated, and “make money in your sleep.” If you want to let your business run itself while you work on what you’re actually passionate and excited about, you can do that. 


Potential “Con”:  If you’re not prepared to become an expert manager, delegator and HR person, you may lose interest initially. 


Pro: Anyone can start dropshipping with $750, and you can generate a 6-7 figure+ profit per year business.


Potential “Con: At this $750  amount be prepared to put in significantly more groundwork to build your website etc. Also because the barrier to entry is so low, you’re going to get customers who get a bad impression from other dropshippers selling the same item with low customer service. To see faster results you’ll want to have at least $2K to spend on ads. Event then - it’s on the low side.


Pro: It’s not a big deal if your business doesn’t work - you can get a new product and site up very quickly and test again within a week.


Con: Payment processors dislike dropshippers and may hold your money if they detect you’re getting a lot of chargebacks. (Insert Percentage) - .. Not a con, but You’ll need to learn great customer service to succeed in dropshipping. 


Pro: You’ll become an expert marketer, which is a skillset that will always pay. It comes with a sense of financial security once you get good at it


Ending on a pro because dropshipping is a good starting source on income if you don't have much prior business skill.


If you have other ideas, drop them below and let’s get it all on the table.

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Very true, I feel like the potential "con" of having to become an expert in management, HR and delegation will turn into a Pro in the long term. Anything that helps build skills is tough in the start but eventually pays off.


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