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Shourya Roy

The Black Friday/Cyber Monday Email Marketing Strategy That Can Triple Your Sales In 2020

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Hey guys,
Now if you own an ecommerce business, you most likely need to have an effective and awesome email marketing campaign for the upcoming Black Friday/Cyber Monday.
The people on your email list have their credit cards ready, right beside them, waiting for the right moment… and are DYING to spend some money.
It’s easy to make sales by just blasting out a few emails, no doubt. But there are some “buying triggers” you can deploy to really make this week the most profitable week of your entire year.
So, before I show you the sequence, I just wanna lay it out there that…
Keep in mind that I have no idea how much you are going to make if you run this.
It all depends on your products, your market, your relationship with your list and your offers… among a plethora of other factors.
But if you’ve got a decent sized list and products that people actually want to buy…
You could probably make a fortune.
Principles In Play
  • Offer a discount.
  • Set a time limit/expiration date.
  • Offer a bunch of valuable bonuses that disappear after the deadline.
  • Send multiple emails about it.
If you just did this, it would do wonders in your sales.
I’ve learnt that there are a few ways to make it even better depending on your offer.
You don’t have to send just 4 emails over 4 days. You can do more than that.
Which made me create my own little version of this sequence for my clients.
Things To Keep In Mind
The most IMPORTANT thing in this particular promotion is crafting a good if not a very good offer.
So, here are a few ways you can make your offers have even more selling power:
  • Offer a limited time discount from 10–60%
  • Include bonuses just for this promotion that disappear once it ends.
  • Drip in bonuses each day. On day 1 you add bonus 1. On day 2, you tell them they not only get bonus 1, but also bonus 2. On day 3, they get bonus 1 & 2 and also bonus 3. Etc…
  • Add an inventory or unit limit. Maybe you only want to offer this to the first 500-1000 people. Maybe that’s all you have in stock or maybe you just want to offer this to a small group of people who make quick decisions. Just make sure it’s REAL scarcity. And cut it off when you say you will.
You can play around with these persuasion triggers.
You can use just one, just two or all of them
It’s your offer.
Your choice.
Your sale.
You decide what works for you.
But the more triggers you have, the more compelling and persuasive it will be.
The Sequence
Your email sequence is going to run for five days. And over the course of these five days, you’re going to send 7 emails.
Day 1 - Thanksgiving
This email is just a heartfelt message from you thanking them for always being a loyal friend who always reads your emails.
Make it real and make it come from the heart. Make it look and feel like a one-to-one convo.
This email has no link and there is nothing to click.
At the end of the email, or even in the P.S. just let them know that tomorrow is going to be one of the biggest sales you’re ever gonna have in your company’s history.
Day 2 - Black Friday
Oh boy.
Now, it’s ON!.
This email is where you lay out the details of the sale.
Now, you got a choice here.
If you do NOT have a lot of products that are on sale, you might want to include what products you’re selling in the email.
For instance:
“This posture corrector (or whatever cool product you got) is 50% or 60% off. Plus, I’m also throwing in…”
If you do have a lot of products that are on sale, your objective is to make them click through and see what the deals are.
The psychology here is that you want to get them onto your landing page or website.
So don’t tell them what the deals are.
Rather say, “Go here and check them out for yourself.”
If you can do that, the copy on your landing page will take care of everything else.
Tell them that this sale is for Black Friday.
You don’t have to mention anything about the next few days - they’ll find out tomorrow.
Day 3 - Saturday After Black Friday
Today, you’re going to tell them that you’re extending the sale all the way to Monday.
Show them how big of a success it has been (social proof), include a couple of customer reviews, and then reiterate the details of the sale again.
List out all the discounts, bonuses and scarcity for them again.
Finish it up by letting them know that the deadline is on Monday at midnight.
Day 4 - Sunday After Black Friday
Today, you again reiterate the details of the sale.
Tell them again about the bonuses.
Tell them again about the scarcity.
Let them know that it ends tomorrow at midnight.
Up the ante for Cyber Monday by adding in a special bonus that you’ll reveal tomorrow.
Simple, straightforward and to the point.
Day 5 - Cyber Monday
It’s TIME!
Time to go crayzay.
Mail 3x today.
Really push the scarcity buttons here.
Reiterate the deal.
Let them know about the bonuses again.
Hammer home the scarcity and urgency of the offer.
Handle an objection or two or more.
Do it 3 times.
This should be your biggest day of sales by far.
You don’t have to be Shakespeare to write this campaign.
It’s idiot proof.
Do not overthink or overcomplicate this.
Just be as clear as possible and mention the details of the sale.
Remember that this is BF/CM weekend.
People are already in a buying mood.
They’ve already subconsciously told themselves that they are going to spend money this weekend when all the sales hit.
If you’ve already got products that people want with a good offer that converts, they won’t think twice before opening their wallets for you.
So this brings me to the end of this topic.
I really hope this post was quite informative and valuable to you.
If you have any questions leave them below and I’ll get back to them soon.

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