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Guillaume Ecom

Guillaume - My first success

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Hey everyone I'm Guillaume (English is not my primary language sorry)

I just want to share with you my story because I believe it could maybe inspire some of you since I just passed the mark of being profitable with dropshipping after more than 1.5 years of struggling.

2 weeks ago I never made any profits with ecommerce, right now, I'm making about 200-300$ in sales a day with 48% profit margins and I'm currently trying to scale.

I though maybe some of you could relate a bit more to my story because I'm still in the early stages of my... dropshipping carreer? I guess.

First of all, I guess you're thinking: Wow, 1.5 years, that's a long time before seeing any success.

I just wanna say that this business is 90% mindset. The reason it took me 1.5 years is because for the first 12-14 months I had a very bad mindset. I saw failure as the end of the world instead of an opportunity to learn from my mistakes. Everytime I failed (which is inevitable when you're just starting) I would turn off the ads, shut down my store and tell myself some BS stories about how DS is too saturated etc. Then I would take a break of a couple weeks before finding the motivation to try 1 more store, rince and repeat for 12-14 months.

A couple months ago I read a book by Alex Becker : 10 pillars of wealth. And in this book there is a chapter that talks about the fact that if you want to be very successful at something, you have to be willing to be better than 99% of the competition (Knowledge wise and work ethic wise). This really reasonated with me because it made me realize that I would never see any results operating the way I do. 

From that day I promised myself I would do everything I can to succeed. And that's what I did. I worked countless hours, watched videos after videos. I actually put some time and efforts to create a very professional looking website with great customer service, email marketing, upsales, bundles, tracking etc.

I believe that the people who make dropshipping look easy are not scammers at all, but their definition of easy is different than most people. For the ''old me'' working 4h a day on my website was hard, I prefered playing League of Legend instead (And I'm hardstuck Gold so wtf). 

Wow that was longer than I though, basically all I want to say is that you're a lot closer to success than you think. All you gotta do is change your mindset and commit to be the best version of yourself and actually put in the work and mental effort to succeed. 

Also, take some time to THINK. If you work very hard without reflecting on what you're doing wrong, it'll be hard to succeed. 

Hope my story inspired you. 🙂

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