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Pedro Grz

YouTube VIDEO IDEA​ 🎥🔴​

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Hey VerumEcom Community! 


I was thinking it would be amazing to see a video documenting a live Facebook campaign for a brand new dropshipping store.
In this video, we could see a campaign being dealt with in real-time and hear your thought process as the campaign is going on.

We could see how and why you troubleshoot the different phases with the goal of gatting to that juicy END GAME Phase 💣💥

I think this could give some real insight into what we should be focusing on as well as how we should be responding to the data gathered from the campaign.
This could be an eye-opening experience for the viewer and could really give confidence to someone that has never ran a Facebook campaign before.


Please support the post by liking it if you'd like to see a video like this from VerumEcom.

I think that together, we can send a message! What do you guys think? 😄 


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19 hours ago, breal said:

That sounds amazing, I hope it can be part of the Verum Course 🙂

So do I bro! I hope they take it into consideration because I really think it would be an eye opening video.

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