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In my 2 years of running stores i haven't seen anything like this...

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Hi boys and girls, 

I hope you're doing great!

To make this short, i have this webshop called: http://celebratingyou.eu/ 

We've have huge problems with conversions on the webshop (located in spain)

We've had alot of ATC, but i simply don't understand why people aren't converting. The funnel is tested, and it works. 

Anyone from Spain who can put their eyes on it, or maybe someone can make me smarter?

Thank you in advance - looking forward to your answers.

Lucas :´) 

Skærmbillede 2020-08-26 kl. 15.06.03.png

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Hey, I'm new here but was just reading through a few comments.  That's solid you have an efficient sales funnel, I'm still learning about increasing conversion rates.  Have you tried some analysis with Google Trends yet?   You can nail down geographical popularity and related searches do choose effective keywords, determine seasonality, different trends and you can compare it to other products, interests etc.   You could have a market somewhere that could be an opportunity.

Do you have a compelling landing page?   Just some thought, thought I'd start to engage with other people who are getting into this market.



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