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John Smith

Help = Before Buying Verum Course

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Hi guys,
How are you doing? I hope all is well.

I'm thinking about buying Verum's course and that's why I'm reaching out in hope's people on here that bought the course will be nice enough to help ...

I have a few things to ask:

1. Do you have a Syllabus for the course? I want to go over the topics and see how in-depth the course really is before buying it.
2. Is the course suitable for beginners with no prior experience in running Ads on FB and e-commerce?
3. Does it teach in the course on how to open and set up a Shopify store from beginning to end including the Settings section in the back end and the Finances (Payment gateways - even for people that are outside of the US and don't have the option for Shopify Payments)?
4. In terms for Facebook ads, is the course suited for someone that has never done any Facebook ads before? I'm only asking since in the YouTube videos John is a great instructor but he's going really fast and it looks like he's talking to people who are very experienced with Facebook ads.
5. Do it go through How to read and analyze the results you see in the Ads manager for the campaigns? I saw the video for the Facebook Ads, and John just explained what Columns are needs and what to check but didn't go in deep or gave any examples of how to read the data and how to optimize it.
6. Can I pay with PayPal when I buy the course?

I have a lot of passion and motivation and I want to start my first Drop-shipping store but I want a good course that will show me how to build a strong store, run ads, and analyze the results for better understanding how to change and target the right audience for better results.
I bought a few courses in the past from other YouTube'rs and was frustrated that they didn't explain everything.

I hope to hear back from you soon so I'll be able to buy the course.
thank you in advance,



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