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Stop chasing hacks and tricks, focus on fundamentals.

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Hello everyone,

I just wanted to drop in and drop my two cents on something important and hopefully get a healthy discussion going.

After doing this for a few years (you can learn more about my backstory here), I have realized a few truths as far as marketing is concerned.

Way too many beginners and even intermediate practitioners get lost in chasing the latest hacks and trends as far as ad platforms are concerned. For purposes of this discussion, I'll only be referring to Facebook ads, and by extension, Instagram ads are also included. 
I used to binge content on YouTube and trying to learn the biggest hack or trick. I would get all excited every time and run a campaign with this new "master" strategy in hopes of making the big bucks. More often than not, it would not work as well as it was originally presented to me on YouTube. I'm sure many of you can relate.

The thing we all need to realize is Facebook's AI is immensely powerful. Most recently, I learned about something called the Power of Five. It is one of Facebook's newest innovations on their ad platform. Facebook has become so advanced that it essentially does all the heavy lifting for you. Most tricks and hacks are short-lived as Facebook is continuously changing its algorithm. Some tactic that you learned about off a YouTube video posted in April has probably been used by that uploader for a good month at least before he uploaded it. A lot can change in 2 months. There is absolutely zero tactics that have stood the test of time as far as Facebook is concerned.


What doesn't change is human psychology.

What doesn't change is consumer behavior.

What doesn't change are fundamental marketing principles.


This is why, over the last few months, I completely stopped watching those latest Facebook ads hack videos. I'm not saying you should do the same, but I highly suggest that you move the majority of your focus to learn basic marketing theories. Study the big guys within your niche, look at their marketing campaigns, their messaging, the images, the language, the colors. Look at their influencer plays, their focus on user-generated content.

It's very easy to get sucked into the mentality of racing after the quick bucks utilizing some trick or hack, but it doesn't last forever. I don't know what your motivations are and what your long-term plans are, but I can assure you that if you were to focus more on the basic fundamentals of human behavior and marketing, your dollars would go a lot further.


All I'm trying to say is focus on being a better advertiser and marketer, not just an ad buyer. Those are two different things and Facebook is on a mission to put ad-buyers out of business. When all is said is done, its the real advertisers who will be able to adapt to anything. Facebook Ads updates or changes become irrelevant to you when you're a master of human psychology and marketing. 

Here are some books that I have read or am currently studying to get a better practical understanding of it all. If books are not your thing, study affiliate marketers. There's a channel called Affiliate World Conferences that has great videos on different areas within marketing.


Building Strong Brands - David Aaker

Buyology Truth and Lies About Why We Buy - Martin Lindstrom

Ogilvy on Advertising - David Ogilvy

Overdeliver - Brian Kurtz

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