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High CPM/High CPC ~1.5-2% CTR

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Hey everybody,

I just finished up day one of testing and trying to get some feedback on my ads. Using Verum LB strategy but higher ticket item. Sell price $80. US only targeting. 10 Interests, audience sizes for 5 of the adsets are 30M+ and the other 5 are 1-5M range. 

CPM's are very high on this particular test averaging ~$35. As a result CPC's are also high at around $2. Probably from only targeting US and high demand interests. 

My average unique CTR (link) is pretty decent though at 1.5% but the winning creative is more around 2%. 

Take a look at the screenshots and let me know what you think. Turned of the losing ad after first day, both were above $1 though but was curious to see how the winning creative would do on day two. If no ATC/Content views then was thinking scrapping ads and starting over with 2 fresh ones.

What would you do in this situation? Try to test bigger audience sizes or new creatives? If you were testing creatives what would be your approach seeing my stats, firsts 3 sec/different angle/thumbnail? 



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