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Hello guys, great to be here with you all

It's Mohan from Nepal (a country in South Asia) where payment processor like pay pal stripe does not support. When I first heard of e-commerce, I became really passionate about this and I'm doing small E-business here in my country. Unfortunately, I am unable to do e-commerce globally and I'm desperate for that and desperate for e-commerce. Indeed ready for any hustle that comes through my way.

For that, I'm planning to register an e-commerce company in a country where I could run an e-commerce store.  For that, I'm hustling on my small blogging to save, up to  $5k in the near future, for set up expenditures for my econ business.

So here I'm hoping you guys could assist to me.

1) What types of legal documents should we do before launching a store?
 (Cause from here I can not do anything so I want to get ready for it) 

2) If I ask you for a suggestion on this situation, what it would be?

    Thank you all guys😊

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