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Suggestive Tip for possible free sales

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Thought id post this for those who havent considered how to get free traffic and possible sales......

Its nothing special, but make sure you have your FB page and instagram page running.

Try and keep updating it, or even if it means you post the same thing 2-3x a week, ive had my instagram page live just 2 days, and 3rd post (will be 4 at 3am)

And ive just had my single highest sale directly from my instagram post (not FB / Insta Ad)

All i do is choose an item / collection from my store , write a single paragraph put a url direct from *yourstorename*.com-instagram to your home page or the product if you want (but only works with 1 product ) then any visits are tracked where they visit store form...

Then visit a site called best-hashtags.com put in the niche and it provides you with the top 20 hashtags, simple as that really..

Just a free tip, it doesn't cost anything and takes 30secs a day for possible sales.... look at all avenues..... (for me the order i got tonight was 4x my normal AOV)

Then lastly schedule that exact post to post on your FB page so it pops ups the following day, with a different URL direct so -facebook at end.

Takes all of about 5-10 mins to set up the first time then after that 30secs a day to keep going.

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