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Business Managers/Ad Accs keep disabling

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My BMs and Ad accs keep getting disabled and I have no idea why. Its like my IP/Profile is flagged or something. 

For example, I run a one product store that we have custom content for. We paid models to pose with our photo and use it. Our ads get approved with this content then when I dupe the ad, it gets the whole account disabled and we have to request a review and wait for facebook to re-enable it. 

I dont mind this happening once or twice, this is why I have back up BMs and Ad accs, but it has recently been happening everytime across multiple BMs/Ad Accs & stores.

Does anyone have any experience with this and how to mitigate it? I always reach out to FB chat and they can never do anything. I've also requested a personalised FB account manager to be our liaison but was told we do not meet the criteria yet (don;t spend enough basically).

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