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**Make sure you've already read my fundemental guide to copy-writing before moving onto this!** 
You can find it here: 


Congratulations! You managed to get your potential customer to click on your advertisement, whether that be through Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok, Snapchat, or Google

Now it's time to move then further along the funnel. 

In order to do so, we need to really make them believe in your product, through the use of product page copy-writing.

In this quick tutorial, we will be looking at ways to formulate product descriptions that sell

*Another relatively short guide*


In order to effectively create your product copy, it's vital that you completely understand the product that you're trying to sell. 

In order to do so, you must its features and benefits, as well as your ideal customer.

The Features: The characteristics of the product that describe its characteristics such as appearance, components , and capabilities.

The BenefitsThe value the product that customers realize.

The Ideal Customer: A specific group of individuals that would get significant value from your offering, thus providing significant value to your business in return.


"Sell the sizzle, not the steak"

Copy-writing in sales is predominantly psychology. It's the careful use of wording and sentence structure to 'pave a path' for readers to make favorable decisions on your website. In this case, converting them from potential customers to lifetime, value customers. 

With that being said, all too often, i stumble across E-Commerce stores with the heading 'FEATURES' written in their product description, with the hope of creating a multi-million dollar business. 

It's not going to work that way. Why?


People do not go to the store to buy apples because they're green and round. (Features)


People buy apples because they're considered and proven to be healthy (benefit).

Benefits are basically constructed to really dive deep into WHY a customer is purchasing the product, or why a customer should be interested in the product

In order to understand WHY a potential customer is/should be purchasing the product, you must understand WHO your ideal customer is & the product you are advertising.

By now you should be understanding why it is important to really understand your product, prior to babbling nonsense on your product page!


I'm glad you asked. The answer is simple, more benefits.

The most effective way to sell a product is to express the benefit WITHIN the benefit.

What does that mean?

I'll give you an example;


BENEFIT: Launch my own Native iOS & Android app for my Wordpress site.

A perfect example of copy-writing that is focused on really outlining the benefits within the benefit of the product/service. The use of personalization (Launch your own), combined with the proactive measure to eliminate common doubts regarding pricing & difficulty (easily and affordably), make this particular advertisement extremely effective. 

Let's take a look at an example from a product page. Today, we'll be looking at the Koala Mattress







See the difference?  Which description do you think actually SELLS? The benefits or the features? 

Your customers don't care about the Polyurethane foam, or whatever fancy plastic is used to manufacture the product; chances are, they don't even know what that is. They're just simply there because  they're interested in buying

In order for your customer to BUY, they first have to know HOW the product will benefit them. 

Koala is able to sell so well because they understand the importance of emotional triggers in copy-writing. 

"Ultimate Comfort"
"Unique Foam"
"Lush Feel"
"Breathability & Bounce"

These words are ALL benefits. Then, to sweeten the deal a little more, they then include a benefits within the benefits;

"Avoid the sinking feeling AND heat that comes with mattresses made from these materials"

By using powerful, and descriptive language, you're able to implant ideas and emotions into your readers mind, making them far more likely to resonate with your brand, thus leading to conversions. 

If you're able to take the time to understand your product, its benefits, and your ideal customer; you will not have any troubles coming up with mouth-watering benefits that will undoubtedly increase your conversions on your e-commerce store. 

Remember, your product page should also be supported by the effective use of gifs and high quality pictures as well.

Do not over complicate either. 

Write as if you're talking out loud. 

Want an example? Just re-read how i structured this post.

Short & simple sentences! 🙂 

Below is list of proven 'Copywriting Power Words' that simply convert. There are hundreds of others, but these are a great start!


1) You 2) Save 3) Create 4) Discover 5) Improve 6) Immediately 7) Instantly 8. Profit 9) Know 10) Ultimate 11) Trust 12) Amazing 13) Plus 14) Extraordinary 15) How to 16) Learn 17)  Help 18) Powerful 19) Best 20) Hot 21) Special 22) Win 23) More 24) Worst 25) Bonus 26) Exclusive 27) Extra 28) Free 29) Health 30) Guarantee 31) New 32) Proven 33) Money 34) Now 35) Complete 36) Today 37) Easy

That's it for today, i hope this short guide will help you improve your product pages' conversion rate.
Comment below with any questions. I'm happy to look and review a few peoples' product descriptions as well! 


What would you like to see next? Comment below!

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@baller Here you go, as requested. 

I'll have a FAQ template for you tomorrow. 

Didn't have too much time today.

Hope this helps!

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18 minutes ago, Tendai said:

@baller Here you go, as requested. 

I'll have a FAQ template for you tomorrow. 

Didn't have too much time today.

Hope this helps!

Hey thanks man! Didn't expect you write it this fast. Can't wait for the FAQ!

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4 minutes ago, baller said:

Hey thanks man! Didn't expect you write it this fast. Can't wait for the FAQ!

You got it! 

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Thank you bro for the value you're giving with your posts. 
I've learned soooo much after reading it. 😄😄


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You really put in simple words. Your writings easily connect to the reader. Thanks man. I hope you give us more valuable posts like this in near future. 

Love and Peace Bro

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People buy because they want to:

  • Make Money
  • Save Time
  • Avoid Effort
  • Escape Pain
  • Increase Their Status
  • ....

try to implement these reasons why they need to buy your product helping them.

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