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DON'T RUN A SINGLE AD until you have done these FIVE things!

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Hello all, 


Quick value post for everyone. So I hired an agency to take my brand to the next level. So far its been a one product store averaging us about 150k-250k in revenue per month but I really want to take it to where its pulling us in 1 million a month or more. The agency owner is a mentor of mine and he allowed me to be very involved in his agency's process so that I could learn and see how everything is done.


The biggest thing that he hit me over the head with was ending my over-reliance on paid advertising to bring in revenue. When you stop to think about it, its a very simple concept. Having to spend a dollar just to make a few dollars back on a daily basis is kind of a glorified rat race. 


Without further ado, here are the five very simple things that you setup:


Email Marketing with Klaviyo

A couple abandoned cart flows and a few post purchase flows just thanking the customer for their purchase and MAYBE (not required) offering a discount on a second purchase.


FB Messenger Flows with Octane AI

A quick opt-in popup offering a 10% discount will not only increase the chances of getting a sale but when they opt-in you get them as an email subscriber AND a messenger subscriber that you can send them messenger notifications and abandoned cart notifications through.


Push Notifications with Push Owl

Just another way to capture a lead. Not everyone will hit this but if you set it up from the beginning and offer a good product or offer, you can always send out a notification blast for a special sale when you have enough subscribers.


SMS marketing with SMS Bump

Same deal as the email and messenger, its just another channel to touch your customer with. 


Upsells with Cartroids

Even if you have a one-product store, the easiest upsell is either a warranty on the product or just more of the product with a discount. I use cartroids because of how many placements it easily allows me to use.


Cost of advertising will never go down over time and will always increase. we pay so much to acquire a customer. And I know in the beginning all we want to do is make a quick buck or two back but stepping back and looking at these higher level concepts of average order value and lifetime value of a customer and revenue per click will really be the things that differentiates you from the +95% of failures in the space and allow you to enter the ranks of those that make real money in this game.


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