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Shipping delays and issues regarding EMS

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👋🏼👋🏼 Hey guys, so I’ve noticed / overheard there’s a lot of issues and delays with Epacket shipping as of recently. I’m wondering if there are any shipping alternatives to avoid issues and delays (or shorten them) at this moment in time??! **(I know that some countries are shutting off any deliveries)

I’ve got a product that can help people get through the current pandemic but I don’t won’t to sell a product that will take for ever to get to them! I want to avoid any customer dissatisfaction!

Any advice / help is greatly appreciated!

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Yes, many countries have transport restrictions. In Asian countries like india, Amazon closed their app temporarily. So you can understand the situation but USA, Canada, and UK seems be working. I'm not sure about Australia & New Zealand. So for now i will target top 3 countries only, if i find other countries not restricted then i'll add it to my list.

Now coming to epacket, try CJ dropshipping's CJpacket for Canada & UK. Also try hypersku. Aliexpress standard shipping is better than epacket these days but you can't track it on apps like aftership. For USA, use USPS/UPS only.

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