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Oberlo Alternative for all WordPress & CJ integration ETC

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My favourite tool currently

Shopify user? This may or may not be helpful for you. You can use this tool to connect CJ dropshipping, ebay, wish, nichescraper, 3Dcart, WooCommerce, etc.

The name of the software is "Shopmaster". I'm not affiliated. I use it since it is 100% FREE, which is why it can be called as an Oberlo alternative.
There's another very good alternative called "Dropified" but this post is about "Shopmaster" since it's free. I highly recommend this over other plugins like AliDropship.



They currently have 5 direct auto order integrations including Banggood and CJ dropshipping which a lot of people cherish.

Other than that, they also have 25+ other supplier integrations. You can import products from them but you cannot auto order.

It has a chrome extension which you can use to filter US suppliers from all of these suppliers' websites.

They claim that up to 300+ orders can be fulfilled at a time. I couldn't verified this yet.




Shopmaster is an official partner of AliExpress

The speed of auto order is going to be very fast and auto captcha solver since it is an official partner of AliExpress.




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As Salam u Alaykum (May peace be upon you)


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@Sahil munjal a real guide from me will take as much time & effort as it is taking verum team to produce a guide for dropshipping.

I am a web developer so i can create stores on WordPress for you. Message me on facebook.

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