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Found 2 results

  1. A tricky question for you guys. I have 2 websites operated on Shopify. When you land on www.nafsi.online there's a pop up that prompts you to go to the location closest to you. If you pick "Canada, USA, Europe" you're shifted to ca.nafsi.online - otherwise you stay on the same page. Both websites are identical, they just hold respective inventory & currencies. Some items may be available in the Middle East and aren't in the Canadian store. My question is; would I run a campaign targeting all these locations or create 2 campaigns & keep websites separate? I currently have one pixel for each website. It's probably more economical to do it on 1 ad campaign, but I want to make sure that's the best way to do it. Would love your input on this.
  2. If you’re starting with Instagram Influencers, and then transitioning to Facebook ads, which LLAs should you set up first and how should you set up your campaigns? Starting with Instagram influencers before transitioning to Facebook ads is a solid low-budget approach to gathering pixel data. Once you’re making at least 150 purchases per month - I recommend implementing Facebook ads as well and make use of your current pixel data. To start, set up your retargeting ads - start with: Top Time spent 25% on Site - 7 days ATC - 7 Days Initiate Checkout - 7 Days All website visitors - 7 Days Visited the URL of your best-selling item - 7 Days Instagram Engagement - 7 Days Recreate these audiences for 30 days and 180 days as well, and put them all into the same campaign. They won’t overlap because they’re inside of the same campaign. For the creative, use a dynamic carousel ad - just refer to John’s video on Facebook ads for how to set this up. Then, create the LLAs: IG Engagement 1%, 2%, 3% for e-packet countries, OR just AU, USA, UK, and Canada Website Visitors 1%, 2%, 3% Time Spent 25% 1%, 2%, 3% ATC 1%, 2%, 3% Multiple Page View LLA (See John’s video on secret lookalikes) Test these first - starting with IG engagement, then website visitors, then whatever you have the most data on. This should give you a solid foothold to start your Facebook ad campaigns and begin scaling as soon as possible.
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