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  1. Hello guys, I've seen too much people complaining about PayPal holding their funds or completely blocking their accounts. So do we have to exclude paypal of our shops payment methods in order to avoid all these problems related to it ?
  2. It's going to be a long read. Full guide. Worried about PayPal bans? Tell PayPal that you're dropshipping, either when you need to contact them or if they ask you. They're the only payment gateway that actively supports dropshipping. Other gateways like Stripe has dropshipping in their prohibited list of businesses [i got denied by most others except PayPal, atleast where i live currently i.e. india & bangladesh] Reason PayPal is 'okay' with DS? Look. Dropshipping isn't the business model we're in. Almost all the beginners get confused. Dropshipping is a fulfillment method. We're in e-commerce industry. Hence, Verum Ecom not Verum Dropship. E-commerce shouldn't be banned. Your store should be so supreme looking that no one can say you're dropshipping/scam. Dropshipping has a bad reputation because of chargebacks CAUSE of fool beginners & legit scammers. I'll leave store design for other category in this forum. No payment gateway could identify i was dropshipping except when i contacted & asked them on my own. Only PayPal nodded yes. PayPal's response to me was "we know you're dropshipping, just don't create any issues". What they meant is to keep chargebacks low, don't scale crazily. TIPS - If you do scale crazily, let their support know [by calling] or there is a button in settings to manually increase limits. Don't underestimate calling them. I was once completely locked out of my account & there was no way in because i couldn't prove my account ownership. Then i called PayPal & they saw that my last 30 days activity's IP address was same from the phone I'm calling. "Hold on a minute, sir. Done" Now it won't ask you for verification. It's like they have switch for everything on their end. - ALWAYS upload tracking numbers for every order. If the item is delivered & the uploaded tracking number shows delivered then PayPal system will automatically make you the winner of the dispute & close the resolution. They SUPPORT SELLERS unlike other gateways. - Keep customer support supreme. If a customer charges back, respond to them in PayPal ASAP but ideally you should be the first to reach out to customers if anything happens before they open PayPal for a dispute. You can also set an automated message by going to account -> account preferences & direct the customer to email you (like how you see an app support responds in appstore/googleplay to every review, same responses to email them) but i recommend you to personally message angry customers like i do. - Keep customers engaged in emails. When i was a noob with PayPal & DS, my product was meant to arrive in 25 days as written in bold before shipping option in checkout but many customers disputed in PayPal in 15 days saying "it's been going on for 3 weeks, scam". 15 days ≠ 3 weeks. My mistake? I didn't sent a single email about the status of order. Simply giving tracking numbers isn't enough. Like amazon & flipkart & daraz, send shipping updates. I use aftership. You can even do a general update like after 2 days of order, "your order is packed & processed & is ready to ship". After 7 days of order, an email saying "order is on transit & has reached your country", depends on your shipping time. My 4-8 days shipping time needs only one "on transit email". In case of an unfortunate ban, keep documents ready. Cooperate with them. DO NOT dare to open BBB case. They'll immediately close your account forever and you have to wait 6 months to withdraw balance *me cries remembering past* As Salam u Alaykum (May peace be upon you)
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