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  1. So I thought it about time i registered on here 🙂 and to begin with I thought i'd copy over my 'story' post about setting up a site from scratch, so for those of you who are on fence, want to start can see some of the things I do, Some of the pitfalls, but also you can see the store develop as i progress... NB This is a post for post copy, and bear in mind this is a work in progress, but im happy to answer questions, talk about it, and take on board suggestions (sometimes multiple eyes are far better than one) So on with the story.... 😄 Opening Day Ok some of you will know me, some wont, and no doubt some will hate me 😄 but i thought i'd do something different. This post may help new-bro's who are serious about their business, it might even help some of the longer ones with ideas (or not, im also open to suggestions lol) So whilst I've stopped my primary (in terms of shopify) site due to my supply chain but also my primary selling regions being on lock-down. I have decided to start a new site, this site will be selling lingerie just into the UK market so wont have to worry about any lock-down issues. So the plan is i will post an update on what i have done over the last few days in building my site right upto the date i plan to release (currently thats on for the 1st of the month when the trial shopify expires) (this has moved as you will see below, but having extended the trial i now have another 50 or so days to get it right) ROME WASN'T BUILT IN A DAY So to begin with the website is https://www.ardentlingerie.co.uk/ Done in last 24 hours Sourced a supplier (who i have already used in previous times) Register both .com and .co.uk domains of same name, and put a redirect on the .com to the co.uk Created a very basic site with basic logo (i will be creating a real logo when site is close to release, but what i have will do for now) Sourced some images for my shortcuts Created a cloudflare account and set it up for speed / cached website (this will take time and updated regularly as products and changes are made. Created all my legal pages full T&C / Postage / Returns etc (this was easy as i copy all my info from other sites and just modify their websites) Created a basic product template and how i want it too look (this might change as i go) Added a single product for use on testing Created my Trust badge format Contact supplier about XML feeds etc To do next 24 hours. Hopefully get XML feed so i can begin that arduous journey of sorting through the products to choose my products - i expect to have about 250-500 products in total Create relevant menu shortcuts these will include Collections, Designers and Colours(i not sure about colours) Work on footer to create a similar one to my current sites so its almost the same format. Compress all images, look at best way with images, to either host external or even on a sub-domain or just on my site So biggest thing will be sorting through all the products and going through what sort of description i want. I am not worried about Facebook ads, having run a lingerie business before (not big numbers ) but i know what FB like and dont like, so unless there has been a big change i dont see the ads being a problem. so thoughts / ideas are always welcome, but i hope at least a few of you will find some titbits of info, I will also try to answer any questions in the comments Cheers Gary
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