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  1. Hello guys, great to be here with you all It's Mohan from Nepal (a country in South Asia) where payment processor like pay pal stripe does not support. When I first heard of e-commerce, I became really passionate about this and I'm doing small E-business here in my country. Unfortunately, I am unable to do e-commerce globally and I'm desperate for that and desperate for e-commerce. Indeed ready for any hustle that comes through my way. For that, I'm planning to register an e-commerce company in a country where I could run an e-commerce store. For that, I'm hustling on my small blogging to save, up to $5k in the near future, for set up expenditures for my econ business. So here I'm hoping you guys could assist to me. 1) What types of legal documents should we do before launching a store? (Cause from here I can not do anything so I want to get ready for it) 2) If I ask you for a suggestion on this situation, what it would be? Thank you all guys😊
  2. Hi guys, I recently wrote an article on Medium expressing my view on the biggest mistake that aspiring entrepreneurs can make when starting a business and I thought it was very relevant to this community as well. In the article, I talk about how society has trained us to pursue perfection, and how this very same mindset in business actually harms progress more than anything else. I think a lot of us get caught up in the cycle of wanting to know everything before we start. I had that phase before where I was studying everything about media buying, Shopify backend, google advertising back in 2018 thinking that I needed to know everything before I got started. But the fact is that no amount of studying will be practical experience of actually running a store and ads yourself. The fact about never doing anything but reading and studying means that you will be making ZERO revenue (and ZERO profits). As @John mentioned in Facebook video about mindset, you will always face new problems everyday, and things will never be smooth ride throughout. It is through actually getting started, failing, and iterating where you can actually find a winner and gain success in dropshipping. It is my hope that you will find some value and entertainment by reading this article (because I really wrote it with my journey with dropshipping in mind). ====================================================================================================================================== If you would like to read the full article, here's the link to it. This is a friend link to medium, so you don't have to pay to read the articles (Medium only allows you to read a couple of articles for free but if you have the friend link then you get to read the entire article regardless if you hit the quota.) I love medium because there are lots of articles there by different publications about startups, finance, and basically everything that we as budding millennial entrepreneurs would find interesting. If you enjoyed my article, it would mean a lot if you follow my publication The Millennial's Playbook as well, where I just started recently but intend to grow a reading base.
  3. Hi Guys! Just a little intro about myself, I'm a Singaporean that comes from a middle class background who worked his way up to college and eventually graduated to one the wall street banks back in 2017. While I was making very good money out of college (of which a lot it is saved and ploughed into the business and the stock market for investments), the whole hype about investment banking and its hours really took a toll on both my health physically and mentally, and that was when I realized I needed to find a way out. I managed to snag a role in late 2018 at The Trade Desk as a media trading specialist, of which I came into contact with advertisers spending anywhere from tens of thousands of dollars a month to hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising money through the platform. It was my job to improve the performance of their campaigns and so I learnt a great deal about analyzing ad campaigns. While it was an enriching experience, I realized that there was a huge flaw in the big agency players in terms of performance marketing (most media buyers there are just not that good really) and so I decided to take the leap of faith and run social media ads (mostly FB and Insta) on the side while delving into this dropshipping business. I have just slightly over a year in experience now, and while some of my stores have been mild winners (just think in terms of 4-5 figures in profits per month - but not sustainably month over month), I'm here in Verum's stratosphere because I want to take this whole performance marketing skill to a whole new level, and be a valuable expert in the e-commerce space in the years to come. John and Richard have been one of the most transparent people I've come across over the internet about dropshipping, and it's an honor to be learning from them. It is my goal in 5 years to generate at least 50 million in lifetime revenue at a ~20% profit margin, so think of this as me wanting to make ~10 million in profit at the end of 5 years. Working in a wall street bank and coming across many consumer retail clients really made me realize that possibilities are infinite, even if you start with a low capital base. Some of these companies are in the hundreds of millions and even billion dollar valuation range and many of them started out at where you and I are now - pretty much the smallest of the smallest fries out in this E-commerce space. It's my mentality that if you want to dedicate time and effort into a business, you might as well aim big, because otherwise the sacrifice just isn't worth it. All the obstacles that you face along the way won't discourage you if you know what you are gunning for and realize that the current problem you have is small in the grand scheme of things. I will do whatever it takes to make this work, and it is my hope that we will all support each other along the way so that we can all achieve our dreams together! Instead of seeing each other as competitors, we all stand to gain if we work and share knowledge together! Peace out guys! And work on this like your life depended on it!
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