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  1. OK Thought id post this for those who havent considered how to get free traffic and possible sales...... Its nothing special, but make sure you have your FB page and instagram page running. Try and keep updating it, or even if it means you post the same thing 2-3x a week, ive had my instagram page live just 2 days, and 3rd post (will be 4 at 3am) And ive just had my single highest sale directly from my instagram post (not FB / Insta Ad) All i do is choose an item / collection from my store , write a single paragraph put a url direct from *yourstorename*.com-instagram to your home page or the product if you want (but only works with 1 product ) then any visits are tracked where they visit store form... Then visit a site called best-hashtags.com put in the niche and it provides you with the top 20 hashtags, simple as that really.. Just a free tip, it doesn't cost anything and takes 30secs a day for possible sales.... look at all avenues..... (for me the order i got tonight was 4x my normal AOV) Then lastly schedule that exact post to post on your FB page so it pops ups the following day, with a different URL direct so -facebook at end. Takes all of about 5-10 mins to set up the first time then after that 30secs a day to keep going.
  2. My product isn't performing very well on Facebook, so I'll give Instagram a try for the first time. I am not interested in growing my brand organically as I do not plan on keeping it, I just want to test and learn about Instagram advertising. I see so many services that offer followers, but I don't know which one's legit, and so I'd like to learn from your experiences. If you have bought followers, who did you buy them from and how did it go? Thanks!
  3. The key to a successful video creative for an Ad is scroll stoppers. They are attention grabbing elements. It can help you in outbidding your competitors. 😱 Average Person Scrolls 300 Feet of Social Media Content Daily 😲 How will you stand out? With scroll stoppers. The first 3 seconds are the most crucial time for a person to decide whether to continue watching your Ad or resume scrolling. Here's 3 ways to create scroll stoppers with examples. 1. A lot of things going on For example, if you are selling a knee brace or a gym product. You can show a bunch of people jumping together in a fast paced motion which will make anyone to stop scrolling and see what's going on. This method is really useful because it uses the motion dynamics to grab someone's attention. For example, this clip was used in a posture corrector Ad as a scroll stopper for the first 3 seconds: 2. Use familiar designs in unfamiliar places For example, using imessages (text messages) popup on facebook/instagram feed will usually make you: "wh... what... where am i?". Yes, you will be confused. That's what stops scrolls. I couldn't find the video i watched earlier but it stopped my scrolling right away when i saw someone's conversion of whatsapp right on the facebook feed. The messages were like: "Hey John, did you heard about connectio/upviral?" "No Kathy, i haven't" "Well, you should check them out, they're fantastic" "Sure thing!" Brilliant marketing. I wish i could show you that video so you could understand better. If anyone has that, please drop it in the comments. Another example can be this type of video: vid.mp4 This type of videos are very easy to make in After Effects. You can use reevio(dot)com but i cannot endorse them as i haven't used them because i, myself, am a great video producer. I started learning video production when i was in 10th grade in 2015. But you can always outsource this and it's recommended that you outsource even if you have talented skills to save time cause time is valuable and so is the state of mind -- to focus on few tasks in a day is also valuable. For example, mark suckerburg(er) [pun intended] wears one T shirt everyday to avoid spending energy in thinking too much at less valuable tasks. 3. Unusual content An example can be this video because a bowl inside a frying pan is not what you see everyday (although it's common in making poached eggs) screencast 2020-03-18 17-38-01.mp4 Another example can be: Suppose you are selling a computer accessory. You can show the frustration of the problem by showing the first 2 seconds of the clip using a similar clip like this picture: It will stop anyone's scroll. I will leave more creativity to you. Having a creative mind is crucial for creating scroll stoppers. Bonus Tips for a fantastic video creative for an Ad:- (in general, not just scroll stoppers) - Do not download & reupload the exact same or very similar videos. If you do so then, Facebook will penalise you. Your CPC will drop so low, causing you to have a heart attack. You won't be profitable. So what to do? - Need an original video to stand out. - Use captions if necessary. - Must be concise & to the point. - Must follow a storyline such as:- First Jack gets tangled in earphone wires & his phone drops because of that. He gets an idea to cut the wires & thus he develops Airpods. He urges everyone to save their phones from dropping by getting the Airpods. He also says that the Airpods are in a 50% off sale till X day, please click "shop now" button. - Must not be salesy. It should be authentic as if a normal facebook user is sharing a really cool product that they found and you should do the same with the Ad copy that you put above the creative. If you have more value that you would like to add to this post then leave em down in the comments. If you learnt something from this post, then use the heart icon at the bottom right of this post to show appreciation. As Salam U Alaykum (May peace be upon you) 👋🏻 bye bye!
  4. Hi, Guys! This one sheet helps you to understand what to do and where to go within Facebook’s self-serve platforms & tools. FAQ Looking for information? Check the Facebook for Business Portal Do you have a question? The Facebook Ads Help Center is your first go-to-guide Questions regarding Instagram? Check-out the Instagram Business page Looking for case studies? Consult the Success Stories portal Stay up-to-date on Facebook’s products? Subscribe yourself for the newsletter Do you want advertising insights? Subscribe for the FB IQ newsletter Looking for ad specs? Check the Ads Guide and Video Requirements EDUCATION Facebook Blueprint is Facebook’s global training & certification program about, check internally if a (custom) learning path is created for your organization Follow the Blueprint e-learning courses to upgrade your Facebook advertising skills Join the Blueprint office hours to learn more about a specific topic SUPPORT You have exclusive access to Facebook Support: a team of specialists that help you with operational support requests for your clients. Contact Facebook Support for: Ad account, ad delivery, ad policy, ad reporting, business- & ads issues Finance (invoices & credit line) requests Instagram & Facebook page requests (e.g. page verification or claiming usernames) TOOLS Facebook Experts use the following tools: Discover information that is specifically useful for agencies in the Agency Hub Draft, compare & share media plans in the Campaign Planner Create mock-ups and see how your ads come to life with the Creative Hub Get inspiration and discover creative success cases in the Creative Inspiration Hub Get insights on different target audiences via Audience Insights Find & download actionable insights for your marketing campaigns with Insights to go Explore & unlock growth opportunities in the Cross-Border Insights Finder Discover the latest product updates in the What’s New Portal Learn about solutions, tailored for your client’s industry with Facebook for industries FB Expert one sheet v1.0.pdf FB Expert one sheet v1.0.pdf
  5. Hi, Guys! After deciding on your campaign goal and key business metric, use the tables presented(attachment) to carefully consider which targeting option or ad delivery optimization works best in achieving your marketing objective. Ad Delivery Optimization Guide January 2019.pdf Ad Delivery Optimization Guide January 2019.pdf
  6. I guess many people will think that working with instagram in influencer marketing will bring them benefits, and they are right. But you must be careful with the influencers we choose to negotiate. In this post I will not go into how much should be paid based on the followers they have, but rather on the "quality" of the influencers regardless of how much they cost or how many followers they have. Influencers Quality The most important thing when working with influencer marketing is to find influencers with active and "real" followers. When I say real, I mean accounts of private individuals. Many influencers are involved in "groups of instagram pages" which interact in the publications of these influencers to give them visibility. You should note that the majority of the engagement of the publications comes from real followers and not from these accounts belonging to these "groups of pages of influencers". Influencers Engagement It doesn't matter if the account is small, the important thing is that it has engagement. It is preferable to pay $50 to an account with 10k followers involved and with high engagement, to pay $1000 in an account with millions of followers with low engagement. I assure you that this will bring more profitability to your investment and prevent you from throwing money. So, good luck with searching influencers! You can even comment down below the influencers you plan to work with and together we can discuss whether they really are good options or not. We are all here to help each other and move forward!💪 If you liked this post please let me know by clicking on the 💙 and leave a comment if you have information that helps more people. I'd really appreciate it.
  7. Hi Everyone, Does anyone have any experience working with instagram influencers? If so could you let me know how much you've paid them, how many followers they had and your results with them? Thanks
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