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  1. I'm kind of a beginner to facebook ads. Is it okay to have two different campaigns running with the same creative? One campaign is scaling an interest that is profitable while the other is looking for other possible interest. Would this affect anything? Thank you for your time
  2. I see that not many people here talk about retargeting ads. I had a few questions regarding retargeting ads. For single product store its easy to set up the retargeting ads but in case you have a general store with different products what to do? One way of doing it is making custom Audience who visited a specific product url and excluding those who purchased. Can someone suggest a better method?? Is there a way to show specific product ads to those only who viewed that specific product??
  3. When we first started advertising on Facebook, we didn’t have “extra funds” to mess around with. Retargeting ads seemed like the most efficient option - they generate high ROAS and tend to be the most “evergreen” campaign type. In this case the retargeting campaigns for the eCommerce store generated $397K in revenue. This is the retargeting strategy we use: STORE + CAMPAIGN STRUCTURE: Store Platform: Shopify Pixel Integration: Perfect Pixel (No longer recommended - just use Shopify's built-in integration. Objective: Conversions Ad Set Audience Settings: Based on our customer data Daily Budget: $5/day (Increases after campaign receives 2 sales within x days) **Note: New products and creatives were initially tested using Instagram influencers before moving to Facebook. We’ve found influencers to be an low-cost way to collect Pixel data with high buying-intent (the intent is high because traffic needed to go through multiple steps/clicks to get to our site) RETARGETING STRATEGY The overall objective of our retargeting strategy is to get as wide a retarget as possible, as efficiently as possible. We use DPA carousel ads because they provide potential customers with more options, and require the least amount of Pixel data to make consistent sales. Start with broader custom audiences like as ATC no Purchase, View or ATC no Purchase, and Time Spent 10%. After a particular item has sold over 150 units in a month and has more pixel data, then we’ll run campaigns for Pixel Visit Item (based on URL), frequency (visited the site 3 or more times, etc), and other narrower audiences. These are the initial retargeting campaigns to set up: ATC no Purchase - 14 Days ATC no Purchase - 28 Days (Exclude 14 Days) View or ATC no Purchase - 14 Days View or ATC no Purchase - 28 Days (Exclude 14 Days) Time Spent 10% - 14 Days Time Spent 10% - 28 Days (Exclude 14 Days) Email Subscribers - 14 Days (If your email list is large enough) Email Subscribers - 28 Days (Exclude 14 days) View or ATC no Purchase - 14 Days View or ATC no Purchase - 28 Days ** 2 Ad sets per each campaign ^ one for Facebook Newsfeed ONLY and another for Instagram Feed ONLY at $5/day. After hitting $50K/mo, we could afford to be more creative with the retargeting. These are other custom audiences that were consistently profitable for our store: IG Post Engagement Time Spent 5% Pixel Visit Item - Single Product Retarget Facebook Page Likes - NF Facebook Post Engagement Test each of these on 14 days, 28 days, and 45 days (exclude other time frame), and on Facebook Newsfeed, Instagram Feed, and Audience Network + Facebook Newsfeed (combined) **All time frames greater than 14 days exclude other time frames. I.e. Time Spent 5% - 28 Days excludes Time Spent 5% - 14 Days --- This retargeting strategy fairly straightforward with the purpose of being conservative at first, then scaling once there’s enough data to use. Our retargeting audiences have generated $397K in revenue on 4.13 ROAS, at the time I originally created this case study.
  4. The key to a successful video creative for an Ad is scroll stoppers. They are attention grabbing elements. It can help you in outbidding your competitors. 😱 Average Person Scrolls 300 Feet of Social Media Content Daily 😲 How will you stand out? With scroll stoppers. The first 3 seconds are the most crucial time for a person to decide whether to continue watching your Ad or resume scrolling. Here's 3 ways to create scroll stoppers with examples. 1. A lot of things going on For example, if you are selling a knee brace or a gym product. You can show a bunch of people jumping together in a fast paced motion which will make anyone to stop scrolling and see what's going on. This method is really useful because it uses the motion dynamics to grab someone's attention. For example, this clip was used in a posture corrector Ad as a scroll stopper for the first 3 seconds: 2. Use familiar designs in unfamiliar places For example, using imessages (text messages) popup on facebook/instagram feed will usually make you: "wh... what... where am i?". Yes, you will be confused. That's what stops scrolls. I couldn't find the video i watched earlier but it stopped my scrolling right away when i saw someone's conversion of whatsapp right on the facebook feed. The messages were like: "Hey John, did you heard about connectio/upviral?" "No Kathy, i haven't" "Well, you should check them out, they're fantastic" "Sure thing!" Brilliant marketing. I wish i could show you that video so you could understand better. If anyone has that, please drop it in the comments. Another example can be this type of video: vid.mp4 This type of videos are very easy to make in After Effects. You can use reevio(dot)com but i cannot endorse them as i haven't used them because i, myself, am a great video producer. I started learning video production when i was in 10th grade in 2015. But you can always outsource this and it's recommended that you outsource even if you have talented skills to save time cause time is valuable and so is the state of mind -- to focus on few tasks in a day is also valuable. For example, mark suckerburg(er) [pun intended] wears one T shirt everyday to avoid spending energy in thinking too much at less valuable tasks. 3. Unusual content An example can be this video because a bowl inside a frying pan is not what you see everyday (although it's common in making poached eggs) screencast 2020-03-18 17-38-01.mp4 Another example can be: Suppose you are selling a computer accessory. You can show the frustration of the problem by showing the first 2 seconds of the clip using a similar clip like this picture: It will stop anyone's scroll. I will leave more creativity to you. Having a creative mind is crucial for creating scroll stoppers. Bonus Tips for a fantastic video creative for an Ad:- (in general, not just scroll stoppers) - Do not download & reupload the exact same or very similar videos. If you do so then, Facebook will penalise you. Your CPC will drop so low, causing you to have a heart attack. You won't be profitable. So what to do? - Need an original video to stand out. - Use captions if necessary. - Must be concise & to the point. - Must follow a storyline such as:- First Jack gets tangled in earphone wires & his phone drops because of that. He gets an idea to cut the wires & thus he develops Airpods. He urges everyone to save their phones from dropping by getting the Airpods. He also says that the Airpods are in a 50% off sale till X day, please click "shop now" button. - Must not be salesy. It should be authentic as if a normal facebook user is sharing a really cool product that they found and you should do the same with the Ad copy that you put above the creative. If you have more value that you would like to add to this post then leave em down in the comments. If you learnt something from this post, then use the heart icon at the bottom right of this post to show appreciation. As Salam U Alaykum (May peace be upon you) 👋🏻 bye bye!
  5. Hey guys! You have experience using the "cost cap" bid strategy. Could you give a little tips on how to work with "cost cap" bid strategy? I'm running some tests right now. What size of an audience should be? How many adsets per CBO? How many creatives per adset? It would be great if everyone from forum gives as much information as possible on the topic of cost cap bidding.
  6. I started my advertising at 12AM on Tuesday, it ran for 2 days, I turned off 2 Adsets that had the least results. Actually, the results from the 2 days were poor, no sales but i'm patiently allowing Facebook's AI to gather data. This morning, Thursday, I see a notification of how much was spent in the last 24hours, then I open the app to check the data but I was logged out. I try to login then see this message: "Security Check. To verify your mobile number, please enter the 6-digit code we sent to: +MyPhoneNumber." I have tried this 3 times on mobile and 3 times from my laptop but I haven't received the text to login, my ads are still running and it's costing me money. How do I contact facebook? Does anyone have experience with this?
  7. Hey Guys, I'm about to start my first CBO campaign with Lookalike Audience. I created the Custom Audience PV180D as explained in the Tutorial 3 days ago and it was on pending until a couple hours ago. Now I wanted to create the Lookalike Audience as explained in the Tutorial but it doesn't let me choose the Audience Location and it says "no results found". BTW my audience size isn't small at all. Can someone help? (Picture attached) Thanks in advance 🙂
  8. Hi guys, after months running Facebook Ads I received an email from a Facebook Ads consultant. On this email they offer me free calls every week to clarify any doubts, give tips about new campaigns and insights, and he can also see all my campaigns on his side to help me. At this point I already had a couple calls with the consultant, and I like it because he is answering everything I ask. I am creating this thread to share the official information I get from the Facebook Ads consultant, and you are welcome to share any official information you have too. Here is some information I got: - A CBO needs 50 of a single event (Purchase, IC, Pageview...) in 7 days to be considered as optimized and deliver a better result than before - The CBO/Ad Set will return to the learning phase if you Stop and Start it again - The CBO will return to the learning phase if you change the daily budget before 7 days running - The CBO will return to the learning phase if you increase the daily budget more than 20% - The Ads Set will return to the learning phase if you make any changes on it - The Ads Set DON'T return to the learning phase if you duplicate it, BUT the new one Ad Set will start in the learning phase. So, we can guess that an Ad Set and CBO, they have different levels of learning. Also, 7 days is an important window range for the FB Ads algorithm. I hope it can help someone and you guys can add more official information here. 🤓
  9. Hi everyone, These questions are in regards to Verum's video-creative FB Ad Strategy. If we decide to use image-only creatives for our ad strategy, what is the best way to gauge healthy campaign performance both at the adset level, as well as at the campaign level as a whole? 1. What are the most important metrics/indicators to analyze when testing image-only creatives at each phase of the Verum FB ads video strategy? If we get sales: ROAS, BEROAS, CPP, TCPP? If we get traffic but no sales: CTR, Unique CTR, ViewContent, CPC? 2. If we're testing with image-only creatives, what specific indicators and metrics should we be looking to replace video viewers? Would it be something like ViewContent? And what amount of ViewContent is considered a good indicator of healthy performance before deciding to scale/moving up to each next phase? Thank you for your help! 🤙
  10. Hey guys, i want to ask you if i sell for example posture corrector and i want to add related niche product in the same ad account and in the same pixel would it mess up with my pixel data? For example i want to sell posture corrector and back massager.
  11. You’ve probably have noticed that often your Shopify revenue and Facebook dashboard revenue don’t match… why? Here are the primary reasons: Customers saw your ad on their phone (mobile), and purchased on their desktop after they got home. Maybe they wanted to research more, maybe they were in a meeting. Point is - it’s not going to track. There’s no real way around this unless you surveyed your customers (would be excessive) Customers purchased AFTER your conversion window. I always use 7DC/1DV. If a customer saw your ad but purchased 2 days afterward - Facebook won’t track it. If they clicked on your ad, saved it, then purchased 8 days later. Facebook won’t track it. There’s an issue with your pixel integration. For Better tracking, Shopify’s built-in Pixel integration has gotten pretty decent. Apparently Trackify is no longer as good (last I heard). If you think of any other possible reasons - please share them below!
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