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  1. I started my advertising at 12AM on Tuesday, it ran for 2 days, I turned off 2 Adsets that had the least results. Actually, the results from the 2 days were poor, no sales but i'm patiently allowing Facebook's AI to gather data. This morning, Thursday, I see a notification of how much was spent in the last 24hours, then I open the app to check the data but I was logged out. I try to login then see this message: "Security Check. To verify your mobile number, please enter the 6-digit code we sent to: +MyPhoneNumber." I have tried this 3 times on mobile and 3 times from my laptop but I haven't received the text to login, my ads are still running and it's costing me money. How do I contact facebook? Does anyone have experience with this?
  2. Ads are dying from last two days !. please help How to revive dying campaigns?
  3. Hi, Guys! After deciding on your campaign goal and key business metric, use the tables presented(attachment) to carefully consider which targeting option or ad delivery optimization works best in achieving your marketing objective. Ad Delivery Optimization Guide January 2019.pdf Ad Delivery Optimization Guide January 2019.pdf
  4. You’ve probably have noticed that often your Shopify revenue and Facebook dashboard revenue don’t match… why? Here are the primary reasons: Customers saw your ad on their phone (mobile), and purchased on their desktop after they got home. Maybe they wanted to research more, maybe they were in a meeting. Point is - it’s not going to track. There’s no real way around this unless you surveyed your customers (would be excessive) Customers purchased AFTER your conversion window. I always use 7DC/1DV. If a customer saw your ad but purchased 2 days afterward - Facebook won’t track it. If they clicked on your ad, saved it, then purchased 8 days later. Facebook won’t track it. There’s an issue with your pixel integration. For Better tracking, Shopify’s built-in Pixel integration has gotten pretty decent. Apparently Trackify is no longer as good (last I heard). If you think of any other possible reasons - please share them below!
  5. Has anyone been experiencing trouble with their FB ads as of recently? After a near two month break due to the Coronavirus, I recently started my FB ads back up again, and the results so far are not reassuring to say the least. Before the issues with the Coronavirus I began scaling my brand and was doing $1,000 days with absolute ease, profit everyday, no issues with conversion rates etc. Upon returning, I didn't expect to get these same results instantly, but assumed that I would be able to at least make a couple sales a day. Using a pixel with over 1,500 purchases and website with a 4% conversion rate, I figured re running my facebook ads wouldn't be an issue, or as big of one as it has been. Upon testing mutiple different LLA's, interest targeting etc. I have found myself struggling to break 10 sales, let alone make a profit... Has anyone experienced this issue as of recently? Or is there something I'm doing wrong? Looking for any insight regarding this! Thanks!
  6. Hey guys, After spending nearly $20,000 on Facebook ads with my Facebook Page, Facebook decided that every single one my adverts were violating some policy and since banned my Facebook Page from posting any further ads in the future, indefinitely. I obviously don't agree with their decision, but it's not like I have a choice to agree or disagree. I have since made a new Facebook page and began running ads with it, but it seems to be doing way worse than the original page I had. Does opening a new page and running ads on it affect the ads delivery and reach? My pixel has over 1500 PUR on it, but my conversion rate has dropped from 4/5% to around 1%.. Any insight on this, or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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