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  1. Ah yes, there doesn't seem like an effective way to contact facebook support. Facebook isn't allowing me to request for a review either.
  2. Has anyone experienced their business manager getting restricted from advertising? if so, can you give me on advice on what actions to take.
  3. What would you suggest be the proper way to setup a tracking page that's functional?
  4. When talking about budgeting, is there any way to differentiate Campaign total budget and daily budget. Also how would we determine our total budget for phase 1? I understand that it depends on our product cost price x 20 but does that still apply to when we set daily budgets? ( $2.50 x # of creatives). Also under phase 2 of interest scaling, setting a CBO daily budget of $100 for each adsets you are duplicating. Or was is it meant to be $100 of *total CBO budget?*
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