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  1. For beginners I always recommend one product stores. Your products are a bit random, you have Anime Action Figures and then you have Wireless Earbuds and Glass Screen Protectors. It doesn't flow if you are wanting to have a store with multiple products they have to be in the same niche.
  2. This is actually quite a good website! Before I started getting into editing and dropshipping I used to be a gamer so this is the type of websites I used to love.
  3. I agree with @Nabil, I feel like I am scrolling for ages. Also I recommend you add a few bad reviews as it makes it more legit. You have just imported all 5 star reviews and one 4 star review. Finally your website name isn't very catchy nor does it have much to do with the product. Back to what @Nabil said I do think it will take insanely good marketing to make sales on this product.
  4. This is a good start. Now a days especially for beginners I always suggest they start with a one product store. It is much easier to sell and make money with a one product store as it is less hassle for the consumer. I also don't recommend emojis as it makes the website look unprofessional. Final thing, make sure to buy a domain you wont get away with a myshopify domain.
  5. Hey there! Before I started dropshipping I was also a video editor and edited for multiple gaming organisations. Video editing helped me a lot as I didn't need to pay for ads. It's a great time to start now as everyone is in there house due to this pandemic and ads are cheaper than usual 🙂
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