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  1. In case someone finds me a long-term solution I'll gladly paypal you $25
  2. Hey there, I've tried multiple accounts by now but every time Facebook is disabling them not the ad account but the Facebook account itself After I create an account 1-2 days later (now it's immediately) they kick me out and ask for me to send them a selfie to prove I'm that person I've done that multiple times but it takes 4-6 days to review and after that they disable the entire account they have an option there to send an ID but they never respond to it or do anything since I've sent it multiple times I'm out of options right now as they keep disabling it all the time I don't even do much on it I just log in to check metrics of the ad account and make changes when needed. I'm only logged in on it on my laptop and not even using it elsewhere If anyone had a similar issue and managed to fix it please let me know, I would appreciate it a lot I just submitted my selfie and it says in review now but I already know they won't approve it anyway
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