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  1. Hello, I built a one product store selling a product at $80. I created a 10 AS/ 40 Ad CBO $100/day campaign that has been running for one day. Each AS has $10 min spend. I have a few questions, and I'll try to keep everything concise and clear: Because my product is higher priced, how long will my CBO need to gather enough data to move to phase 2? (I see people saying 'a few days' and verum vid says 'budget for at least 10 days') Are there certain metric goals I should aim for when analyzing data? Such as, aim for CPC lower than X, aim for CTR higher than X%, etc. Should I expect lower conversion rates and overall numbers due to higher product price? I want to scale quickly and gather good data fast without putting in bad data into facebook. Should I create new phase 1 CBO's again with different interests to find better audiences? In verum Q/A vid, they said they exclusively use stripe. I am hearing that stripe is no longer supported in Shopify. Is there still a way to add Stripe as processor? I attached a photo of my 1 day CBO results. Any feedback or advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read. I really enjoy learning from you all.
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