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  1. Hey everyone! I have a store that's been targeting only US every since it opened. I want to target the other top countries (Canada, UK, Australia) into my endgame campaigns and was wonder would I need to do capture data from those countries first before adding them to my endgame campaign or I could just add them in? Thanks!
  2. Hey Law, thank you for your response! Would I have just one creative for my US adset or should I have 2/3 of the same ad for my adset instead?
  3. Hey everyone! First time posting here and I feel like my store is ready for the endgame strat! I saw on a bunch of Verumecom's videos that for end game, you create a $500 CBO to target 3 audiences, US, T4, and WW. Since I've only been targeting US, my guess is that I should only target US for my end game CBO but my question is should I allocate all $500 to US or should I allocate just ~$166 (500/3) to US? (If my question makes sense lol) Thanks!
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