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  1. I know that bro, but if you didn't try with dynamic test, you can't track a single post ID for multiples variations,..., dynamic test, it doesn't allow it, what I had thought is just to increase the budget and scale vertically
  2. How scale or copy the Post ID of every ad creative? I can't track the post ID
  3. Awesome bro, creatives skills are very valuable on here, do you know how start? or maybe is a option star with a partner?
  4. I think 10 interest on only $50 you don't give enough money to each audience to optimize well, I would only use 5 interest with, as they say above, give your campaign time to optimize better, I'm sure everything will improve , gl.
  5. Sometimes we think we all start out the same way, a day at home from work or college, getting to know dropshipping on youtube, but stories like this, God I feel so tiny, I'm left with one sentence.
  6. I'd go for 5 duplictaes of 4%, set at 100$ CBO, more safe, if is good after two days, duplicate again to 200$ same CBO, good luck.
  7. I think is a desing that looks very similar to the original, isn't a copy, like memes or stuff, otherwise you shouldn't have issues using influencers marketing, don't use facebook ads on this, good luck.
  8. Should contact live support facebook, and show screenshots about your issues
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