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  1. Hey guys, just wanted to get some insight on how everyone deals with fraud risk orders. Medium ones, for the most part, I just fulfilll. I just got my first high risk order today, and have attached the full analysis here. This order wasn't anything crazy, just one single item, same order value as any other order. What's the best steps to take? What email should I send to investigate or should I just cancel order? Thanks
  2. Hey guys, just wanted to clarify John's Scale Rule. 1. If a CBO performs well for 2 days, and the winning audience exceeds 20m, duplicate the winning audience into a new CBO with twice the original budget. 2. If the CBO continues to do well, you can continue scaling by duplicating the CBO, and doubling the budget again. 3. If a campaign spends 5x your breakeven cost per purchase while scaling, kill the campaign. Currently I'm on Phase 3 running a $100 CBO of 75% VV LAA's. 5 adsets from 1% to 5%. Currently, the 4% adset is vastly outperforming everything else. If I want to scale this, should I... A.) Duplicate the entire CBO and raise the budget to $200 B.) Duplicate the 4% adset into a new CBO, and set daily budget to $200. This results in the creation of one more CBO, daily budget $200, containing only 1 adset (a duplicate of the 4% LAA). C.) Do B, and then have 5 duplicate adsets of the 4% LAA. This results in the creation of one more CBO, daily budget $200, containing 5 adsets (all duplicates of the 4% LAA). What's the correct thing to do here? Is raising the budget this much going to affect the performance? Thanks.
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