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  1. Dennis Lieu


    Did you get a reply, this forum isn't as active either
  2. Yes, as stated in the beginning of this post I am the Video Editor on the team.
  3. This is slightly outdated, my views have changed greatly. so Now if i don't get 25-30% margin from the first week I move on to a new product
  4. I've started in 2018 with little success. I had run a few fashion dropship and shoe sites, which got hit with DMCA take downs from nike etc. Those stores I've profited probably only $30-50k total in 2 years
  5. Pure End Game. 3 Ad sets. 3 Ad per. Cannot reveal niche, but its problem/pain solving
  6. Cashflow issues. And scared to drop $1000 a day is more risky.
  7. Hey there! Dennis here, video editor for VerumEcom, While I'm not making sick videos and animations for the team, I am operating my own stores with some guidance from John and the team, This store has been going about 3 months now, with not too crazy of an ad spend Peak was Ad Spend $2000 per day , $5000 revenue with a net margin of 15% What worked for me - Zipify was good until I couldn't use stripe anymore because they placed me in a 25% per day hold. My custom coded own upsell was built in to the product page, and using Shopify's automatic discount, I made a buy 1 get 1 half off offer, automatically. * Change the theme liquid to display Discount in bold text* This raised my AOV from $20 to $30 . Margins are slim because of Break even ROAs was too high for my COGS. Ads were not profitable UNTIL I Spent $25k in ads. Every day it was below or break even. Until i had enough data to run $1000 CBO's Worldwide Broad Targetting with a few exclusions What worked for me Cycle and run new $1000 CBO's until their CPP is no longer profitable. Create a Cost Cap Campaign at your Average CPP during profitable ROAs. $1000 CBO. Duplicate your winning Retargeting campaigns if the Low CPP starts to Rise Retargeting worked well at a 2.5-3.0x ROAS for me. Ad sets were 75% VV , ATC 30, IC 30, WV 30 Stay tuned for more! And if you haven't already follow me on Instagram
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