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  1. 👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼 Hey guys! I want to put one of my stores to the side for the time being and with that stop the monthly charge of the basic Shopify plan. I’ve spent a lot of time designing the website and optimising the back-end too, so I definitely do not want my time and effort go to waste! Is there a way I can save / download the entirely of my store? Store design, App configuration, settings etc... If I stop the monthly charge of the Shopify Basic Plan for this particular store, will Shopify delete the store? or at a later date am I able to restart the plan and everything is stored/saved for me to reopen? I appreciate any help and advice!
  2. 👋🏼👋🏼 Hey guys, so I’ve noticed / overheard there’s a lot of issues and delays with Epacket shipping as of recently. I’m wondering if there are any shipping alternatives to avoid issues and delays (or shorten them) at this moment in time??! **(I know that some countries are shutting off any deliveries) I’ve got a product that can help people get through the current pandemic but I don’t won’t to sell a product that will take for ever to get to them! I want to avoid any customer dissatisfaction! Any advice / help is greatly appreciated!
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    So here’s my first store: shopthelaststraw.com Stopped running FB ads after 2 days because I realised just how bad my image ad creatives were, as opposed to how my store looks? (I hope). Going to create my own unique content and create a video creative, although the pandemic is making me hesitant to run ads in general 😕 Let me know you’re thoughts! I’ll take any advice / critic I can get. I know I have a lot to learn : ) thanks!
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