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  1. To find different pockets of people within the same asset. It basically gives you more consistency and let's you hone in on people more likely to buy. In a CBO you'll be optimized into the winning ad copy
  2. 10% add to cart is completely fine
  3. Making them myself, I'll use a mixture of clips from YouTube as well as order the product from Amazon and record some footage myself
  4. Dupe the same ad 2/3 times in each adset so that Facebook can find different pockets of people within each adset. And no problem!
  5. You can try splitting it to see your results. This will give you more room to scale if T4 and WW do well too
  6. Constantly test new interests and LAAs. Aside from VV LAAs, you can test PV, VTS 25%, ATC, IC and PUR
  7. You need licenses to sell these and you can face lawsuits if you don't have them
  8. Very interesting video! I wonder if this is related to the new broad CBO strategy that John was having success with haha. I was also considering using expanded audience since Facebook's AI has improved so much. Guess I'll have to just give it shot
  9. Great tips! Those who can spend the most to acquire customers will usually pull out ahead, so increasing your AOV and the lifetime value of each customer is a timeless strategy. I found that with impulse purchases (usually lower ticket items), Wheelio is great for capturing emails since your target audience are impulse buyers. Adding a wheel to collect leads appeals to them more and boosts conversion rate for impulsive buyers
  10. I always use auto placements. It's just one less thing to worry about and in the past, I haven't had greater results choosing my own placements. Facebook's advertising is becoming more and more automated every day, so I trust their judgement
  11. Realistically, you shouldn't bother with it (takes a while to block them using DMCAs). They shouldn't affect your pixel too much since a small proportion of your traffic will be from scrapers
  12. If your CBO is profitable after a couple of days you can duplicate it and double the budget. Wait a couple of days to see if it's consistently profitable and that you didn't just get a lucky first day.
  13. How much do you allow your campaign to spend (without getting a purchase) before deciding to turn it off?
  14. I've had more success starting with T4 countries and expanding later. The reasoning for this may be because people in T4 countries are more similar and this allows your pixel to learn off of higher quality traffic.
  15. Duplicate the 4% LAA 5 times into a new CBO and start the budget at $100. Since it's your best performing adset, this will let you find more pockets of potential buyers. Good luck!
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