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  1. Hi everyone, how do I go about to find an agent? Can anyone recommend someone? I am getting about 15-20 daily orders and I think this might be the right time to switch to an agent. thank you
  2. Do you guys use exit intent popups? I have a popup that captures someones email when they visit my website, but also a popup when they try to leave with a bigger discount. Is this too much?
  3. Don't do it for sure, you need a license. Don't take the risk.
  4. Where did you allocate your time the most on that one product? Making new creatives? I feel like I can be done with a product in 3-4 days if its not generating any sales
  5. What do you mean by scroll stopper? The part of the video that will hook the audience?
  6. Make sure you select Ali Express Standard shipping and not E-Packet. There are lots of delays with e-packet
  7. I prefer creating a new CBO with the winning adsets!
  8. You can fulfill orders using oberlo. Make sure you are logged into Aliexpress & press Get Tracking Code in the oberlo app. This will send the tracking number automatically. Alternatively, you can fulfill orders in shopify and copy and paste the tracking number for each order. This will also trigger the email send.
  9. Has anyone tried Hypersku or Salehoo to source products?
  10. What if the supplier on Aliexpress is not giving Yun as an option? You are saying to message him directly?
  11. I've started to use this option, in my experience, the parcels are reaching quicker because during the time of this virus, e-packet is very slow!
  12. Shopbob is really good, but I would only recommend once you have a hang of things and have daily orders
  13. how do I check which text did the best? Unless I click the dynamic creative button, I'm not able to check which headline does the best under breakdown. Anyone have a solution? How do you check which text in your ad does the best?
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