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  1. How much is your profit margin if you don't mind asking? If you are doing private labeling it should be way higher than "regular" dropshipping?
  2. Wow! 😮 This is really amazing value! Your post motivates the shit out of me! 🔥 I hope one day I can achieve the same results as you... THANK YOU!
  3. Hey, it is not necessary to take a dropshipping course, all the information you need is out there on youtube, blogs, etc. even though there are some good courses out there which can shorten your learning curve. I personally only use shopify. Good luck!
  4. Hey guys, I was wondering how long did it take you to get your first sale? And how long did it take you to become profitable?
  5. Hey, you should add a Shop Now button on your homepage so customers can get directly to your product page. Furthermore you need to improve your product description it doesn't look trustworthy at all... you need to use better images and make the benefits stand out for your customers. The timers I would remove they look spammy and maybe worked a year ago, just my opinion ....
  6. People buy because they want to: Make Money Save Time Avoid Effort Escape Pain Increase Their Status .... try to implement these reasons why they need to buy your product helping them.
  7. Hi, Yunexpress and Special Line-YW seem to work the best at the moment. Maybe ask your supplier/agent if they can offer you this shipping method. Best regards Dustin
  8. You have a lot to improve... Start with changing your product descprition! Did you just copy & paste it from AliExpress? With this product description you will make zero sales I guarantee you... Furthermore in your video the text is in chinese, doesn't look trustworthy at all.
  9. I think it is because your pixel will be optimized for engagement (low quality traffic) and not CONVERSION (high quality traffic) which is more likely to purchase a product.
  10. Just WOW! 😮 This is so inspiring and gives me so much motivation. One day I will reach the same. Thank you!
  11. Does Turbo Ad Finder still work? I installed it in every way possible, but it doesn't work on my facebook feed! Any solutions?
  12. Hey, I would try to improve the product description a little bit. Give the customers more reasons WHY they need this product. PS: Whats the name of your review app? Best regards Dustin
  13. Hi, your store looks good to me, great job! I would customize your reviews a little bit so they look a little bit more trustworthy (you can do that with loox). Furthermore your homepage starting picture looks a little bit low in resolution, so maybe you can change that as well. Best regards Dustin
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