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  1. Hey, The best way to learn about dropshipping is actually spend money and time doing it. Besides that, free content on Youtube is more than good enough. Believe me, I've bought and looked through some courses already and very few of them worth the money. So save yourself some money for testing and get those free knowledge on YT 😉
  2. Hey thanks man! Didn't expect you write it this fast. Can't wait for the FAQ!
  3. Such a value bomb! Copy writing is my weakest skill right now due to me being a non-native speaker, but I won't take that as an excuse. It's time to sharpen this. Would be great if you can write about how to construct product description or FAQ effectively and efficiently. I always have to spend hours to come up with words and I would love to improve at this area. Thanks again!
  4. For interest: High budget -> Epacket Low budget -> Top 4 (I often do only US, Canada) For LLA: Worldwide, then choose country inside the targeting Also depends on which country can you fulfill in the current time cause many countries banned flights.
  5. Hi, My site gets a lot of bot from scraping site for example this one: https://www.pexgle.com/ How to block these types of bot without installing extra apps to your store? Thanks guys!
  6. Option C is the best, but I often go with 50% budget increase. 100% often not goes well, but that's only a personal preference.
  7. @Youjezzzzz not sure your question was you want to sell inside Philippines or sell to US, Europe markets etc. If you want to sell in Philippines then it's hard cause your margin would be very thin, but not impossible! If you meant open a store in Philippines and sell to other tier 1 markets then yes you totally can! You even have advantage compared to others cause your cost of living is low and you can afford more to reinvest into ads. I'm also borned in a third world country and I have no issue dropshipping 😉
  8. As a rule of thumb, I always let my campaign runs for 2-3 days before making any decision. Would not recommend adding a new interest into the stablizing CBO campaign.
  9. This is not true. I know some winners can be profitable from day 1, of course those are big winners. But yes they do exist and you can definitely come across them while testing.
  10. You can check out this list: https://interestexplorer.io/facebook-interests-list/ However I think FB has a lot more interest than that and it's impossible to list them all out.
  11. I got some for you: Zendrop (Silkroad) Ebay Alibaba -> US Warehouse via fulfillment service (my favorite) Agent, still ship from China but cheaper product and faster shipping CJdropshipping Hope that helps!
  12. The first buy now option on home page does not lead to product page, the image at the guarantee part does not fit the vibe of the product. Rewrite the review, most reviews imported have broken english. Maybe add a gif to product page for more engaging.
  13. The supplier creates a VIP listing on Aliexpress for me with Yun Express enabled. Order via Aliexpress.
  14. Yeah message him directly because Yun is not a default shipping option in most listings, but most big suppliers I talked to can ship with Yun. After awhile you can ask your supplier a VIP listing just for you on AliExpress that's only ship with premium shipping. That's where I'm at right now, my supplier creates a listing just for me to place order, and ship with Yun.
  15. With the current situation, I'm afraid you can't use Aliexpress without premium shipping. Epacket is pretty much not working now so I would say get Yun from the beginning. A little less margin, but wayyy less headache.
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