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  1. Hi guys, after months running Facebook Ads I received an email from a Facebook Ads consultant. On this email they offer me free calls every week to clarify any doubts, give tips about new campaigns and insights, and he can also see all my campaigns on his side to help me. At this point I already had a couple calls with the consultant, and I like it because he is answering everything I ask. I am creating this thread to share the official information I get from the Facebook Ads consultant, and you are welcome to share any official information you have too. Here is some information I got: - A CBO needs 50 of a single event (Purchase, IC, Pageview...) in 7 days to be considered as optimized and deliver a better result than before - The CBO/Ad Set will return to the learning phase if you Stop and Start it again - The CBO will return to the learning phase if you change the daily budget before 7 days running - The CBO will return to the learning phase if you increase the daily budget more than 20% - The Ads Set will return to the learning phase if you make any changes on it - The Ads Set DON'T return to the learning phase if you duplicate it, BUT the new one Ad Set will start in the learning phase. So, we can guess that an Ad Set and CBO, they have different levels of learning. Also, 7 days is an important window range for the FB Ads algorithm. I hope it can help someone and you guys can add more official information here. 🤓
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    Hey Sir, thank you so much! I just set it up on Paypal.
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