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  1. I am totally agreed with Law's answer. You will get engagement with your purchase campaign too and you will also have good datas with Video views. With PPE unfortunatly your LAAs for videos views, page post engagement, will be not as qualified as with the purchase objective.
  2. If you don't have the licences you can't.
  3. I know we can all have at least 2 BM. About the 5 I guess you should register as an agency or spend a lot in FB to ask for it.
  4. As it was recommanded above, leave the campaign run fews days (also depending on your budget) and then analyze it. I would recommend to create a new campaign if you want to try new interests
  5. Thanks for the case study, although 25k$ in adspend before being profitable seems a lot. You would probably be more profitable with another product, at least you could have been profitable before 25k$ adspent I guess 🙂 but as we all know data is money 🙂 15% net margin on the 144k or on your best day at 5k ?
  6. It could also been a bad day, difficult to analyze on a such short time range, FB look for engaged shoppers even if they are in different audiences. You just need to try a lot of audiences as possible.
  7. Thanks for sharing, I would add some to my bookmarks ! 🙂
  8. I now only starts with WC purchase, it will brings you social proof too and qualified datas for LAA or Custom Audiences.
  9. Everything works, general store, niche store, one product store. The most important thing is to take action, you can find videos on the verum's youtube channel about creating a one product store so you can start in this way, you have all the content you need to begin. They all have their advantages and inconvenients it will differ for everyone. Choose the one with which you are familiar with and try it 🙂
  10. The ratio ATC/PUR seems to be "ok" (in general 100 atc 50 ic 33 pur with FB ads it could be different with google for example). However the ratio Visitor/ATC seems pretty low you should have around 8 to 12% of ATC, I would suggest to improve the product page try different images, headlines, hook in your product description. You can also split test your product price.
  11. Try new interests, new creatives, get more datas and see where it goes. Have a max budget per product to not fall into emotional. Even if your CTR is low (it could also come from the fast you have low CPM) your add to cart cost is pretty high (if you have a product under the 30-40$) so try to improve your product page. A bad traffic (wrong audience) could also be the issue.
  12. Another way to find interest is to target 5 or 6 interests in your niche and then use Facebook's suggestions, you will find a lot more. Also think in a general way of your niche, waht could be related to this niche/product (celebrity, magazines, brands, etc)
  13. Can't more agreed about it! Went through all the steps ! 😉
  14. ePacket is off since few days/week, it seems that private logistic companies still work but some delays are expected
  15. Yep good website, a copy/past of the verum's website structure. I would add a text or image to explain why there is an offer, to justify it.
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