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  1. @warriorshop Hi! Do you recommend STODIES Ltd? My problem is that I can only work with PayPal. But now I would like to work with stripe. PayPal has a lot of problems. Any advice on opening the strip will be very helpful to me. Thanks!
  2. Hi, Guys! This one sheet helps you to understand what to do and where to go within Facebook’s self-serve platforms & tools. FAQ Looking for information? Check the Facebook for Business Portal Do you have a question? The Facebook Ads Help Center is your first go-to-guide Questions regarding Instagram? Check-out the Instagram Business page Looking for case studies? Consult the Success Stories portal Stay up-to-date on Facebook’s products? Subscribe yourself for the newsletter Do you want advertising insights? Subscribe for the FB IQ newsletter Looking for ad specs? Check the Ads Guide and Video Requirements EDUCATION Facebook Blueprint is Facebook’s global training & certification program about, check internally if a (custom) learning path is created for your organization Follow the Blueprint e-learning courses to upgrade your Facebook advertising skills Join the Blueprint office hours to learn more about a specific topic SUPPORT You have exclusive access to Facebook Support: a team of specialists that help you with operational support requests for your clients. Contact Facebook Support for: Ad account, ad delivery, ad policy, ad reporting, business- & ads issues Finance (invoices & credit line) requests Instagram & Facebook page requests (e.g. page verification or claiming usernames) TOOLS Facebook Experts use the following tools: Discover information that is specifically useful for agencies in the Agency Hub Draft, compare & share media plans in the Campaign Planner Create mock-ups and see how your ads come to life with the Creative Hub Get inspiration and discover creative success cases in the Creative Inspiration Hub Get insights on different target audiences via Audience Insights Find & download actionable insights for your marketing campaigns with Insights to go Explore & unlock growth opportunities in the Cross-Border Insights Finder Discover the latest product updates in the What’s New Portal Learn about solutions, tailored for your client’s industry with Facebook for industries FB Expert one sheet v1.0.pdf FB Expert one sheet v1.0.pdf
  3. Hi, Guys! After deciding on your campaign goal and key business metric, use the tables presented(attachment) to carefully consider which targeting option or ad delivery optimization works best in achieving your marketing objective. Ad Delivery Optimization Guide January 2019.pdf Ad Delivery Optimization Guide January 2019.pdf
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