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  1. Hi @TT2019! I have tested 2 products until I find my winning one. The question is not how many products you have to try before being successful. Because you could be disappointed in the future if you could not find your winner after x products tested. You just gotta watch around facebook ad creatives and see which ones have the most likes, comments, and views, you also gotta check if the website that is selling that product is well made. If both of those conditions are great, that probably means that you've found a winning product and this website is probably making a lot tons of money. I hope it helped your mindset a bit! Good luck my friend and STAY MOTIVATED ! 😄
  2. Hi @Youjezzzzz! You can dropship from anywhere around the world. You just need accessibility to internet and a computer. That's what make dropshipping so magical. You just gotta use a third party payment provider that Shopify recommends. Google it, I am sure you can find all the answers you want to your question. Good luck my friend. And STAY MOTIVATED 😄
  3. Hi @edwin ! Do not worry about that. That is what being an entrepreneur is about. You gotta motivate yourself and taking some risks to be able to leave your normal 9 to 5 job ! Ask yourself, what differentiates you from a 9 to 5 guy and an entrepreneur ? The successful entrepreneur have taken some risks that 9 to 5 guy will never in their whole life, these guys chose more security and to be paid by hours. An entrepreneur finds a way to earn money even when he is not working. Just stop procrastinating and saying : "Oh no, I cannot do that and that." Even if the result is not guaranteed, the thing is that with some experience you will more likely to do better the second time, and so the third and the fourth... Just DO IT ! Be a sponge, take as much information from videos and member tips and TAKE NOTE so you can remember later on. Alright hope I helped you a bit. Best of luck man !
  4. Hi @baller ! Personally I have been successful on my first store but that is because I've put the time on it. Like I learned for an entire month from youtube videos, forums about dropshipping and marketing strategies. I was taking tips here and there and noting them so I can remember them and apply to my future stores. I was working on a full time job and every night, even if I was tired after the workday, I would spend 2-3 hours on my business, tweaking and improving things. You just gotta learn from your mistakes and take that as a gained experience even if you lose money. I hope I motivated you a bit 🙂
  5. Hi @edwin and welcome to the Verum Forums ! You just gotta be smart on what you do and believe in it. I have been dropshipping for 2 weeks so far and managed to make some revenue. Stay consistent and do not think that failures are just simple failures. Failures are the way to go to success. If you don't fail enough you won't succeed. I lost some money at the beginning but I took that as a gained experience and learn from my mistakes. It is a complete entrepreneurial mindset that you have to develop. I hope I motivated you again and hey, we have all been here. 😄 If you wan t to learn more about me :
  6. Hi @Bembe ! On my own experience, I would suggest you Turbo theme. It is super customizable and you can use it to almost all the type of stores you want : single product store, niche store and general store. Even on other types that are not dropshipping: blogging, selling services, etc... But if you are just starting out, I wouldn't suggest you to buy a paid theme. Try free themes first like Debutify or the Brooklyn theme, you can make good looking branded stores if you put the time on it. Hope it helps you a bit ! 🙂
  7. arnakena


    Hi @George ! I suggest just using shopify payments as it is the best one for shopify. On my experience, Shopify Payments always send your payouts the next following business days, and I haven't had any issue with them yet. Hope it helps you a bit.
  8. Hi @Crow95 ! I am glad it could help you a bit. Thanks a lot and keep on the motivation. You will rock 🙂
  9. Hi @Arik ! It can be multiple factors, for example, if your Video average watch time is low it can be your ad creative not being catchy enough to make people click on your link. If your add to carts are low or non existent, your website is poorly made or looks like any other crap dropshipping store. You just gotta analyze your metrics (because they don't lie) and see which part of your funnel is not working. I suggest you watching Verum's video on why you are not making any sales :
  10. Thanks a lot @JKrabb! It definitely can help a lot of people out there. It gives time for customer to receive the package and not reviewing the purchase negatively.
  11. You asked it right @Pedro Grz ! TitTok marketing is so interesting also. I don't know many people using that but it will definitely become a big platform to advertise on. When I will be on big numbers with my stores, I might reserve some budget to try this marketing platform strategy. If any people here has any experience in this field, it would be hugely appreciated to share your experience. Thank you guys and stay motivated ! 🙂
  12. Hi @Phazed-DS ! For the stripe payment set up, I am sorry that I could not help you that much. I can just suggest you to contact directly Stripe and ask them how to set it up on a shopify account/store. Or maybe you can search on the shopify help center. Now the second question, what is the difference dropshipping in different countries ? Literally NOTHING. I mean as long as you have access to a computer and a Wifi connection, you can dropship from anywhere you want to. The main thing is just that when you reach a certain revenue (for me it is 10.000$ CAD), you must declare and register your business in the country you want to. That is the magic of dropshipping. You just gotta stay determined all the way long and learn from your failures. Because hell yes you will make many mistakes. Take that as GAINED experience, even if you lose money. The first time is always hard, second time a little bit better, third time nicely done, 4th you're an expert. Believe in what you do and you will for sure succeed. Watch a lot of contents on Facebook groups, help other people, watch their existing problems, read the comments and answers to those problems and watch a lot of youtube videos. Nowadays we swim in a universe of information, you just gotta filter the good ones ! 🙂 Hope it helped you a bit.
  13. @Doug_truong I confirm what Pedro said about paypal problem. I strongly recommend you to stay away from Paypal even if people are using it a lot to pay. Personally, I run my stores with only stripe payments enabled and it works pretty well ! If you manage to make a good and trustworthy store, people will still buy from you without Paypal. Also soon or late when you will be on big numbers, PP will surely hold your money for multiple months. So if you do wanna use this payment method, you must have a lot of side money to handle your store costs and ad costs while your PP money is on hold. Hope that helps you a bit ! 😄
  14. @Gustavo CG These are some good tips for beginners. Thanks for taking the time to share those information. I feel like they have been asked so many times. And you just cleared them out.
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