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  1. If you want to sell minimum 2 pieces for example, do you need to ask the supplier for a special link for 2 or what do you do?
  2. Usually I'm able to schedule my ads for the next day or whatever but recently I couldn't find the option to schedule? Did they take the option away?
  3. I get about 10% of all VC convert to ATC on ALL products of my (general store) website and I'm using debut theme What could be wrong with my website?
  4. I bought for IG I forgot which website but it has done nothing for me.
  5. optimize for view content rather than video views
  6. used 3 creatives ctr is so low though
  7. Ads running for a day.. Overall ROAS of 0.74 One winning adset with ROAS of 3, only spent $6 but CTR is low anyway Any point continuing since the CTR is so low?
  8. so it seems like there are no products that can be profitable right away i.e. you must lose money in the beginning to make money later
  9. Can it work if you catch a new product while its gaining popularity, use the same ad as the first mover and run it 2 or 3 days after the original poster? Is there anything stopping that from working?
  10. During the learning phase it says you shouldn't make big changes to the adsets But what if I see one adset that isn't doing so well and want to delete it and try another interest? Will that impact the campaign?
  11. I'd say the most eye catching part of your product
  12. Is it ok to add new adsets onto an existing CBO with a budget? e.g. you have $100 daily budget, 5 adsets = $20 each adset If you added one more adset in would you increase the budget to $120 Or would you just make a new campaign Just asking because I know changing things in ads messes up the performance etc
  13. So the course says to set a CBO daily budget for example $100 split between 5 ad sets. What if I want to test more interests? Do I make a new campaign or change the CBO budget and make new adsets in the current campaign?
  14. so if you're testing you would build a new store for each product you test? OP thats what I would do Not sure about a general store though
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