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  1. This forum is amazing so far. So much good information already and it just started
  2. Very Great post! I followed Verum's youtube video on testing with a budget and I have had success with finding 4 interests that were working pretty consistently. I put them in a CBO (Did not duplicate them 3 times though so I will try this). But after 1 day I had no sales but all other metrics were very similar to the interest scaling metrics. Was this just a bad day? Or could something have happened that I messed up where the adsets won't perform better in a CBO? I am guessing because I only had 4 adsets in the CBO could be the issue.
  3. I read a bunch of books last year and honestly forget most titles without seeing the books but two of my three are extremely similar books. Really enjoyed Shoe Dog just like Mojo said. The other two are pretty similar but are really good if you are struggling with success and realizing how it works. How it is very similar to "The compound effect" of money. 1. The Compound Effect - Darren Hardy 2. The Slight Edge - Jeff Olson 3. Shoe Dog - Phil Knight
  4. Hey Everyone, I've been looking into Dropshipping and been learning it for 2 years. I have a full time job so I was never really able to go all in with it but have stuck with it for the last 2 years slowly getting better. I am hoping one day I can do this full time and make at least what I make at my full time job. I am almost at a point where I can go all in (student loans almost paid off) with it and am hoping this year is the year i can get to the next level. I am at a point where I can make sales and am confident in my websites but am having trouble with scaling. Want to start looking deep into my data and learn scaling. Hope to meet as many people as I can here!
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