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  1. Thank you bro for the value you're giving with your posts. I've learned soooo much after reading it. 😄😄
  2. Thanks @Soum, I've quickly read your guide. And I'll definitely give it a try.
  3. Hello guys, I've seen too much people complaining about PayPal holding their funds or completely blocking their accounts. So do we have to exclude paypal of our shops payment methods in order to avoid all these problems related to it ?
  4. Thank you @arnakena, You're completely right. The most important thing is the mindset. If you make it strong, you can do anything. Successful dropshipping journey to us guys !! 🤘🤘
  5. Hello family, I'm Koffi haven't started dropshipping but really interested in it. I'm like most of you waiting for the Epic course of John that should be released in mid-March. I'm really happy to be part of this community that allows us to share and learn and motivate each other. Let's crush it!!!
  6. Koffi


    Hello, happy to hear that you haven't given up even after losing that amount of money. I'm sure that if you stick to it and do what it has to be done, you'll succeed. This forum has been created to allow us to learn from others and to show others valuable things we know
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