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  1. Hello Antonio, yes it's not so easy to create a new profile. Maybe we can add each others here on our profiles to at least start 😉
  2. Hey, It seems you're only using PayPal. I guess you're going to lose sales if you don't offer bank cards payments.
  3. Hello, I've reached the limit of 5 Ads Accounts on my Business Manager, and I'd like to know if it's possible to reuse an old one, by resetting it (see attached screenshot), and using a new pixel? Can you actually have more than 5 pixels, also? Anyone did this already? Thanks.
  4. Let's do a dropshipping reality show
  5. Hello, I prefer to use parcelsapp as it doesn't show Chinese letters. And yes you should definitively have a tracking page to avoid too many emails from customers.
  6. Hello, you can put your store on hold, everything will be still here but you won't be able to make orders. The price then goes down to $14 / month. Go to Settings -> plan and permission -> pause your store.
  7. You can check Biaheza youtube channel, he tried buying followers, likes, etc. to see what happens. Beware however, his videos about automated bots are outdated as Instagram will now ban accounts who are using bot automations.
  8. When the client tries to close the tab/window of the browser, the website displays a popup that says something like "don't leave, we'll give you a discount".
  9. If you tried 3 different creatives, I'd say you should kill, unfortunately.
  10. Yes View Content or maybe Facebook Post Engagement ?
  11. Why do you exactly want to buy followers? These are mostly fake profiles that will not give any value to you. It can only be useful for social proof, but that's all. Do you want to advertise with influencers ? Theme pages ?
  12. I've had issues too. Every time I create a new campaign, it asks for payment method, so I just add it everytime.
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