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  1. And so far, has it been more consistent?
  2. And osrry if I'm asking too many querstions, how much different is let's say manually setting up the creatives and guessing vs letting fb algorithm do everything? Have you tested it multiple times or just once?
  3. Interesting. Do you test a new product with a new ad account, pixel everything? Do you ever test different products within different niches on the same ad account pixel, etc?
  4. I'm guessing this strat works best on a very seasoned pixel. Did you test it on a new page, new pixel and even new account? Would it work?
  5. I see. Thank you for that. Even if you are using thte verum strat initially, do you still make like multiple dupes of that testing CBO and then rotate them even in the testing phase just to gather data quickly?
  6. Hey JKrabb, do you suggest that people with brand new ad accounts start with ABO? Or starting with CBO but with a much higher budget but dupe it like 5 times and turn off the one that doesn't work? And then keep rotating between them? Sorry if my question is a bit unclear. Thank you.
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