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  1. Think they used Adobe Premiere Pro to create the Ad
  2. Hi Everyone! Ran my Ad for 2 days to collect data currently analyzing thinking of moving to phase 2 of Verum's Facebook Strategy. My results are as follows: Day 1: one Sale From Interest 1, No sales from interest 2 Day 2: one sale from Interest 2, but no sales from Interest 1 Currently diagnosing, both Ads are profitable, But I am looking at the numbers, seems to me the results don't look the best, Have a feeling the sales may have came due to "Luck" and not actually a winning product or good Ad creative. Not sure if I should continue to Phase 2. Want to reach out to this group and get some input and pointers. Should I move to phase 2? cut the product? or keep testing with different creatives? (Again, both ads were profitable within the 2 day Ads. But only generated 1 sale per interest on seperate days) Here is my Facebook Results. Any tips/pointers would be greatly appreciated
  3. It's alright tested got a few sales, think I need to improve on some things currently diagnosing the the fb ads data
  4. HI Gang! Anyone here knows when Verum is Planning to drop the course? (Aside from Youtube Course, went over a few times already) Having a lot of free time recently due to the virus so want to take a deeper dive into dropshipping, or are there any courses any of you would recommend? or any great way to learn to dive deeper into dropshipping you would recommend? I Currently implementing have a store up and implementing and testing myself Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the value drop ! This definitely valuable to helping drive more converting traffic to your store.
  6. Think the best approach to a creating a profitable high converting store fast is to copy what others are doing thats already working. There is no point to re invent the wheel IMO I would recommend to funnel hack (Reverse engineer) someone who's already doing well and copy what they're doing (just add your own twist to it, do not copy word for word) Copy their template, their Ad creative structures etc. and implement it yourself, you should at least see some good results if your doing everything similar. Also want to note I am no pro in drop shipping but I have done other ecommerce business in the past and copying whats already working usually works well in my favor majority of the time.
  7. Try creating a store that looks like this one www.flextendon.com I have came across that store in this forum and found that their site is really professionally done. I truly believe if you mimic them you too should have conversions similar to their store. Also i did a bit of digging into their store and realize they are going pretty hard on ads. Very high chance that this store is performing extremely well because my logic is, is that if they aren't profitting they wouldn't being going that hard on ads and marketing. they should be doing very well in my opinion
  8. Definitely will keep testing! thanks for the pointers! how are you currently creating your creatives? are you making them yourself or via Fiverr?
  9. Definitely will need a license as im 99% sure it is trademarked, they can possibly file an infringement against you
  10. Hi everyone! As some of you may know, I am New to Dropshipping, wanted to get an Opinion on this and why, would you guys recommend to launch and test a single product at a time or test multiple products in a Branded Niche store all at once to speed things up? Im assuming testing multiple items at once with multiple branded niche stores will speed things up by a lot but would like to get some opinion from you guys who's been in the industry for some time. a bit of my background is that I do have a bit of capital to start with so wanted to see whats the best way to go about this to speed everything up to find a winning product. Thanks!
  11. Apologize Newb question currently learning as much as I can, what is an exit intent popup?
  12. HI Gang! New to drop shipping, started 2 weeks back and got a few sales so far! Want to see how everyone is fulfilling orders. I am hearing that Ali express e-packet is not shipping. is that true? if so, how is everyone here shipping during the pandemic? Thanks in advance!
  13. Hi Gang! Hows everyone getting their videos done? Any recommendation to "Wow Factor" video editors? Any recommendations would be appreciated!
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