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  1. @Sahil munjal a real guide from me will take as much time & effort as it is taking verum team to produce a guide for dropshipping. I am a web developer so i can create stores on WordPress for you. Message me on facebook.
  2. I did long ago. A few years back. At that time, they didn't asked for SSN or EIN numbers for verification. So you could open PayPal USA and use only the balance to pay things online which was super useful for me since i didn't had a bank account at that time. But they later added verification in June 2019 so everyone who opens a paypal(dot)com/us/signin account will have to provide documents to prove you're a USA citizen. Due to which they locked my TOTAL balance. I complaint to BBB and they immediately permanently closed my account and BBB status changed to "PayPal disagreed to respond, complaint closed, but buyer remains unsatisfied". So, no, there's no more options to open PayPal USA anymore and don't try to do it cause it's risky.
  3. Will the winners be chosen in the next few days? Really excited 🤗 can't wait! @Richard Yancey @Tendai 💓💓
  4. You can only use some parts of his clip or you can edit his entire video with your own style. Otherwise he can report your video for copyright infringement and it will be taken down & it should, especially if he owns the content. Same goes with photo Ads. It is recommended to take inspiration but make your own content. Take inspiration from the different elements he uses like persuasion elements, hook, CTA, etc.
  5. Yes, many countries have transport restrictions. In Asian countries like india, Amazon closed their app temporarily. So you can understand the situation but USA, Canada, and UK seems be working. I'm not sure about Australia & New Zealand. So for now i will target top 3 countries only, if i find other countries not restricted then i'll add it to my list. Now coming to epacket, try CJ dropshipping's CJpacket for Canada & UK. Also try hypersku. Aliexpress standard shipping is better than epacket these days but you can't track it on apps like aftership. For USA, use USPS/UPS only.
  6. @baller do you order through AliExpress or CSV? Do they add yunexpress as an option in the VIP listing? @TT2019 I've heard of hypersku. The prices are high but UI is better than CJ so looks promising. Haven't ordered yet. Salehoo is only a directory mostly for wholesale like Alibaba
  7. @Youjezzzzz that's what i said. In countries like Japan. Means every tier 1 country. Japan was an example.
  8. It all depends on knowledge and experience. If you have the same level of knowledge and experience as the Verum Ecom team then a couple of products not more than 5 might be enough to find a new decent winner.
  9. Please make detailed posts. So much information is missing. Is it a CBO or non CBO? CBO can get slightly affected but non CBOS don't. Do you know how to read and understand metrics? What makes you think "isn't doing so well"? Keep in mind, FB is inconsistent. Give it some time, but if you see certain metrics like CPC is terrible from the start then it will continue to be terrible. In that case, go ahead and turn off the adset.
  10. You would not like reading this but 'it depends'. Here, you should be able to read the metrics and data you have. If audience reaches checkout page means there's no problem in Ad part. The problem can be:- 1. Your web design, especially checkout design. Make sure it's appealing to the eye and has branding. I don't know if it has because i don't know your store. 2. Your product itself. They might have some questions about the product or concerns about it. It's best to have abandoned cart recovery setup but it only works if they gave their email address. I use exit intent along with it to further capture leads. 3. Your offer. It might not be appealing to them to checkout RIGHT NOW which brings me to the last concern. 4. Are you not nudging them to make a checkout? You should. With a checkout urgency tactic & combining it with exit intent discount at checkout OR a money back guarantee reminder (i do the later one more for now) Did this helped you in any way? Leave a like by pressing the heart icon at the bottom right of this reply. Still have any questions? Just reply and i'll answer when i can!
  11. Welcome to my profile! You can choose to follow me to get notified whenever i put some value post out there! 💜

  12. USA & other tier 1 countries seems to be not restricting packages. But other countries have lockdowns. Be aware with Australia & NZ though as i saw them on the lockdown countries' list.
  13. @Youjezzzzz Dropshipping is not a business model. It is a fulfilment method. You can dropship in Phillipines but as i said before, you need to stock goods to provide COD. I know 3rd world countries closely because i know many people who are crushing it but they all needed COD to succeed. So, if you read slowly what i read above, it is not advisable to dropship in a 3rd world country. In countries like Japan you can cause they are tier 1 countries.
  14. There are other things like using animation that Verum Ecom team uses, like in their posture corrector & mosquito trap x Ads, to keep people engaged. I didn't mention it because it's not scroll stopper but to keep people engaged.
  15. OMG i forgot to mention one very important thing. Nowadays, facebook & instagram feed in mobile has autoplay but it's still very important for you to upload custom thumbnails for places where autoplay is not enabled. Use this thumbnail as an example. More creativity is on you.
  16. The key to a successful video creative for an Ad is scroll stoppers. They are attention grabbing elements. It can help you in outbidding your competitors. 😱 Average Person Scrolls 300 Feet of Social Media Content Daily 😲 How will you stand out? With scroll stoppers. The first 3 seconds are the most crucial time for a person to decide whether to continue watching your Ad or resume scrolling. Here's 3 ways to create scroll stoppers with examples. 1. A lot of things going on For example, if you are selling a knee brace or a gym product. You can show a bunch of people jumping together in a fast paced motion which will make anyone to stop scrolling and see what's going on. This method is really useful because it uses the motion dynamics to grab someone's attention. For example, this clip was used in a posture corrector Ad as a scroll stopper for the first 3 seconds: 2. Use familiar designs in unfamiliar places For example, using imessages (text messages) popup on facebook/instagram feed will usually make you: "wh... what... where am i?". Yes, you will be confused. That's what stops scrolls. I couldn't find the video i watched earlier but it stopped my scrolling right away when i saw someone's conversion of whatsapp right on the facebook feed. The messages were like: "Hey John, did you heard about connectio/upviral?" "No Kathy, i haven't" "Well, you should check them out, they're fantastic" "Sure thing!" Brilliant marketing. I wish i could show you that video so you could understand better. If anyone has that, please drop it in the comments. Another example can be this type of video: vid.mp4 This type of videos are very easy to make in After Effects. You can use reevio(dot)com but i cannot endorse them as i haven't used them because i, myself, am a great video producer. I started learning video production when i was in 10th grade in 2015. But you can always outsource this and it's recommended that you outsource even if you have talented skills to save time cause time is valuable and so is the state of mind -- to focus on few tasks in a day is also valuable. For example, mark suckerburg(er) [pun intended] wears one T shirt everyday to avoid spending energy in thinking too much at less valuable tasks. 3. Unusual content An example can be this video because a bowl inside a frying pan is not what you see everyday (although it's common in making poached eggs) screencast 2020-03-18 17-38-01.mp4 Another example can be: Suppose you are selling a computer accessory. You can show the frustration of the problem by showing the first 2 seconds of the clip using a similar clip like this picture: It will stop anyone's scroll. I will leave more creativity to you. Having a creative mind is crucial for creating scroll stoppers. Bonus Tips for a fantastic video creative for an Ad:- (in general, not just scroll stoppers) - Do not download & reupload the exact same or very similar videos. If you do so then, Facebook will penalise you. Your CPC will drop so low, causing you to have a heart attack. You won't be profitable. So what to do? - Need an original video to stand out. - Use captions if necessary. - Must be concise & to the point. - Must follow a storyline such as:- First Jack gets tangled in earphone wires & his phone drops because of that. He gets an idea to cut the wires & thus he develops Airpods. He urges everyone to save their phones from dropping by getting the Airpods. He also says that the Airpods are in a 50% off sale till X day, please click "shop now" button. - Must not be salesy. It should be authentic as if a normal facebook user is sharing a really cool product that they found and you should do the same with the Ad copy that you put above the creative. If you have more value that you would like to add to this post then leave em down in the comments. If you learnt something from this post, then use the heart icon at the bottom right of this post to show appreciation. As Salam U Alaykum (May peace be upon you) 👋🏻 bye bye!
  17. Please post all your stats lol. How will someone suggest anything otherwise?
  18. As the title suggests, i want to clear this confusion for everybody, once and for all. But i am NOT a Facebook Ads expert. Hence, i want this post to be a discussion between the PRO ecommerce businessmen & women to finally clear this confusion for everybody, once and for all. Automatic placements OR edit placements? Would you let FB do the work or edit the placement to FB & IG feeds? I know that many of you will say "TEST, TEST, TEST" but the thing is i come from a STEM major and i like to know the science behind a concept in business. I don't blindly follow the data, i want to know 'why'. I've recently seen many PRO dropshippers like flying start online still editing down the placements whereas other PRO dropshippers like verum ecom team using the auto placements. Let the discussion BEGIN!
  19. I've met a few people in facebook who are doing ecommerce in Philippines and japan. They are successfully selling the same products that were once trending in tier 1 countries as dropshipping products. You do have to hold inventory by a very minute small quantity as samples which isn't a big deal. Cause you have to provide COD to customers in tier 3 countries. Other than that, everything else is the same.
  20. Are you in USA? If yes, i want to know whether we can move there with tourist visa and then get a part time job to get an employment visa and stay there until i own a massive company with ecommerce.
  21. Brief review - The pictures in slideshow aren't full dimension so they are pixelated. - Improve english, there's a lot of grammatical mistakes like "keep updated" instead of "stay updated" in newsletter. Hire a copywriter. - Product images are good. But edit the white background of some of those images and insert a background using photoshop/affinity photo. - The home page design doesn't look good to me at all since i'm a web developer & designer. Basic improvement is: don't show bunch of individual products in the home page. Looks so unprofessional. Instead show categories (or known as collections in shopify) - Focus on one task at a time. Either selling or lead generation. Don't show that popup. Instead write the discount offer in newsletter section. It highly increases signup that way. Use contrast. The section should stand out while scrolling. - Checkout securely... remove that. SO spammy and pushy. Make them trust your brand, not by yelling that "your website is secure". - Reviews are shit. Absolutely doesn't motives me to buy. I feel sleepy. They're like "yeah, came in time, buy it if you wanna...". Make the reviews talk about your product & brand. - No product description at all? Just copy pasted AliExpress descriptions? Don't know what to say... - Hundreds of more improvements to be made which i can sense. But i'll leave this here right now. First improve this, then the next. Step by step (actually i run of my break time in work) All the best buddy. Click the heart icon at the right side of this comment and choose the like or thanks reaction if it helped.
  22. @Don please read my reply above. Yes, PayPal doesn't like bots. Hence, it's better to do it safer way by a script like that. The only cons is that it is semi-automatic.
  23. This is a content repurposal of Verum Ecom's blog post - edited to match with forum style.
  24. Most people who try dropshipping never achieve success. This is probably not what you wanted to hear, but it’s the unfortunate truth. We regularly see this happen time and time again with thousands of people on various Facebook groups. The good news is that you don’t have to be one of the people who don’t make it — all it takes is avoiding a few common pitfalls that are responsible for most people never succeeding. In this post, we’ll go over what we think are the four most common pitfalls. Pitfall #1: People expect immediate results The Problem Most people getting started with dropshipping think that they can just jump in, spend some money, and see immediate results. Unfortunately, this isn’t the way it works; unlike a job where you know you can expect a paycheck after two weeks, you might not see a return from your dropshipping store for a long time. This is especially true if you are a beginner — there’s a lot you have to learn to get to a point where you can consistently create profitable dropshipping ventures. Luckily, this one is an easy fix! The Solution You must understand that you have to go through some initial pain before you see results. Think back to times in your life where you accomplished something great — more often than not, you had to sacrifice a lot of things in your life to do so, and it may have taken you a while before things worked out. Recognize that you’re in this for the long-haul. If you’re trying to make a quick buck in a few weeks, you’re better off getting an actual job. Now, understanding that pain is temporary and may lead to a reward down the road is one thing; but internalizing it and living by this principle is the hard part. The best advice we can give you is this: become obsessed with the process, not the end result. One thing that we’ve observed about people who succeed in this line of work is that they became obsessed with digital marketing and eCommerce. They then use their obsession to fuel their growth and don’t think twice about sacrificing things in life that will prevent them from achieving success. If you’re strapped for cash or feel like you aren’t reaching your true potential — that’s actually a great thing, believe it or not. You can use these things as fuel, but must make sure that you don’t let them control your mindset. In any case, while learning everything you can is something we notice in all successful dropshippers, it can be problematic if you let it get out of control. This brings us to the next reason… Pitfall #2: People never take action The Problem People spend months learning about dropshipping, digital marketing, and eCommerce. They join a bunch of groups, buy a ton of courses, and study as if they were preparing for some sort of exam. And hey, that’s fantastic — having the drive to learn as much as you can and immersing yourself in any field can help you achieve success. We see a ton of beginners doing this, and we think it’s great. But, there’s just one problem… Many people never actually apply their knowledge. It might sound ridiculous — but it happens all the time. People will collect courses, bookmark articles, watch hundreds of YouTube videos, and do just about anything other than taking action. Some people never even get to making a store! This can be for any number of reasons, but we’ll go ahead and focus on two: fear of failure, and having a perfectionist mindset. Fear of failure is probably the more prevalent reason. For those that are affected by fear of failure, what they’re really dealing with is a fear of shame, which is extremely toxic for your overall mental health. The reasons for why they have a fear of shame can vary; they might think that other people will look down on them when they fail, or they feel that failure indicates a lack of intelligence and competence. On the other hand, the perfectionist mindset is generally less prevalent but can be just as harmful. People with this mindset think that things need to be done perfectly the first time around and that there’s no room for mistakes. They will start to obsess over the smallest of details, thinking that the add to cart button must be 40px tall instead of 35px. And now that they’ve noticed this, they’ll then start thinking that the whole page is off-balance, and they need to start from scratch or go get a degree in UX-design. Then they’ll think that their product images are off-center, and need to be cropped again. No, wait — they’re awful to begin with, so they need to be re-taken by a professional photographer. You get the picture… while oftentimes you may recognize these in retrospect, it is important to identify them as early as possible in your dropshipping journey so that you aren’t blocking yourself from growth and success. The Solution Fear Of Failure ❌ Become comfortable with failure, and get into the habit of regularly putting your knowledge to use. Don’t associate failure with defeat; think of failure as being one step closer to the right answer, and stop giving a shit about what other people might say if they see you fail. When you catch yourself in this mindset, remind yourself that everyone fails, and it is a necessary part of growth. Is your world going to end if you build a store, put a couple of hundred bucks into it, and it doesn’t pan out? No… you’ll just be out a little bit of cash, and you’ll have learned something new. To give you an idea, John spent around $400 and a month of time before he got his first sale running Facebook ads. After that, it took him several hundreds of dollars more in spend and weeks of time to get to a profitable point. Marek was able to get his first sales in a day or two… but, he spent about a year of time testing different niches and products, racking up 10k in credit card debt until things finally clicked and he was able to make his first 7-figure store. So, if you think that being down a small amount of money, or spending a week and getting some results is the end of the world — just know that you’re off to a great start. Just keep doing what you’re doing. Perfectionist Mindset ✅ 80% of results come from 20% of your efforts — if you haven’t heard this before, it’s something called the Pareto Principle. This pattern is a phenomenon observed in business, economics, computing, sports, sociology, you name it. And, most importantly, it applies directly to dropshipping. What you must do is apply this principle in your everyday activities. Pitfall #3: People Don’t Learn From Their Mistakes If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always got. The Problem We’ve all heard of the “if you stick with it and keep trying, you’ll eventually succeed”. Unfortunately, this is not true — unless you make sure to learn from your mistakes. It’s easy to get caught in the trap of testing some things out and rationalizing this as making progress with your learning. But if you’re not actively thinking about what you’re doing, and why you’re doing them, you’re not actually learning; you’re just ‘doing’. Sure, by ‘doing’ you might get lucky and land a winner; but more likely than not, you’ll end up spending a lot of time and money with nothing to show for it. Even if you do get lucky and have some initial success, you won’t be able to replicate that success if you don’t understand what you were doing and why. The Solution This one is pretty easy to fix. You just need to develop a little bit of mindfulness and put in the effort to think about what you’re doing every time you sit down and check out your ad account. Have a notebook or GoogleDoc open, and write down what you’re seeing and what the day’s results were. Did something work? Write it down, and why you think that is. If you’re not sure, dig deeper into the metrics, or ask someone more knowledgeable about the topic. Did something not work? Same thing — be sure to record it. Think about why it may not have worked, and think about what you could do to fix the problem, or make things a little better. And of course, don’t be afraid to ask why things aren’t working — if you ask the right questions in any group, you’ll find that people are very willing to help you out. Some Tips For Getting Help & Asking Good Questions Try solving the problem by yourself first; if you get stuck and can’t figure it out, then make a post in a group or ask someone Include details about what the issue is, and provide relevant screenshots or information that can help pinpoint the issue Use the search feature on Facebook groups before you make a post. 90% of the time, your problem is something that someone else dealt with in the past, or are currently dealing with If you’ve managed to take care of all of these reasons, you’re in great shape. But, there’s one last thing we think causes people a lot of pain and unnecessarily wastes a lot of time… Pitfall #4: People Try And Reinvent The Wheel The Problem If you’re just starting off and there are people who have done what you’re trying to do, you’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t copy them. Now, don’t get us wrong — being creative and testing new things has its advantages… but only after you’ve learned the basics of dropshipping. If you don’t have a solid understanding of eCommerce, marketing, and Facebook Ads, you should first learn and apply what successful people have done. Despite the fact that there are tons of resources out on YouTube, we’ll see people doing the opposite of what successful drop shippers have done. Sometimes, they are unaware that they shouldn’t be doing certain things; but more often than not, they know what they should be doing, but decide to go their own way for whatever reason. The Solution Don’t just go off on your own. Pick one strategy from a reputable drop shipper with a proven track record, and follow their process. Also, avoid jumping from using one tactic to another; this will only hinder your progress, and limit the possibility of finding something that works. Stick to one system, and stay consistent. Otherwise, you’ll never fully give anything a chance to work, and you’ll risk potentially never actually finding success. Wrap Up To summarize, the four biggest mistakes people make when starting their dropshipping journeys are: People expect immediate results People never take action People don’t learn from their mistakes People try and reinvent the wheel If you’re just getting started, be mindful of these things, and make sure you’re not falling into any of these traps! If you stick to it and stay away from these pitfalls, you’ll be much closer to the road of success than 99% of drop shippers.
  25. This list includes paid + free websites. #1: Adobe Stock Photos The quality and professional look of the images is by far the best we’ve seen when compared to the other options. They have millions of images available for you to use, with both standard and commercial licensing available. Pricing: Adobe Stock Photos is a little pricier than the other services out there, and their pricing model has gotten more expensive over the years. They offer month-to-month plans and annual commitment plans. You'll end up paying $99/month. Adobe offers a free trial that you can cancel at any time within the first month. #2: Shutterstock Shutterstock is another great option that has some unique images and graphics that cannot be found anywhere else. I highly recommend shutterstock if you use websites like Freepik & Flaticon for 2D graphics to use in photo editing and video editing. Pricing: They're more expensive than Adobe but they have very unique graphics. Look at their pricing page. Unfortunately, Shutterstock does not offer a free trial. #3: Pixabay My favouriiiiteee free stock photos & videos website. It has a wide variety of resources to use in website, photo & video editing. Do credit the copyright owner though. If you make enough sales and somehow get in their spotlight then they might sue you. #3: Unsplash Most of the images on there (if not all) are posted by amateur photographers that are trying to get some exposure. Images on here can actually be great. The downside is that there are substantially fewer photos overall, so it may be harder to find a photo containing certain design elements or objects that would look good on your store. #4: Pexels Similar to Unsplash, you’ll find Pexels is an equally good choice. However, your satisfaction with their images will likely depend on what niche you’re in and what types of images you’re looking for; so both are worth a shot. Final Thoughts Money not a problem? Then go with Shutterstock. The value you get along with the vector graphics is amazing. Money is a problem? Go with Adobe then. It's a cheaper alternative of Shutterstock yet equally good. Not willing to spend money? Stick with Pixabay. It is what i use the most. You can also use the other two - Unsplash & Pexels along with Pixabay. If you got some value from this post, then click the "heart" icon from the right and choose the "thanks" reaction. As Salam u Alaykum (May peace be upon you)
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