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  1. @Sahil munjal a real guide from me will take as much time & effort as it is taking verum team to produce a guide for dropshipping. I am a web developer so i can create stores on WordPress for you. Message me on facebook.
  2. I did long ago. A few years back. At that time, they didn't asked for SSN or EIN numbers for verification. So you could open PayPal USA and use only the balance to pay things online which was super useful for me since i didn't had a bank account at that time. But they later added verification in June 2019 so everyone who opens a paypal(dot)com/us/signin account will have to provide documents to prove you're a USA citizen. Due to which they locked my TOTAL balance. I complaint to BBB and they immediately permanently closed my account and BBB status changed to "PayPal disagreed to respond, complaint closed, but buyer remains unsatisfied". So, no, there's no more options to open PayPal USA anymore and don't try to do it cause it's risky.
  3. Will the winners be chosen in the next few days? Really excited 🤗 can't wait! @Richard Yancey @Tendai 💓💓
  4. You can only use some parts of his clip or you can edit his entire video with your own style. Otherwise he can report your video for copyright infringement and it will be taken down & it should, especially if he owns the content. Same goes with photo Ads. It is recommended to take inspiration but make your own content. Take inspiration from the different elements he uses like persuasion elements, hook, CTA, etc.
  5. Yes, many countries have transport restrictions. In Asian countries like india, Amazon closed their app temporarily. So you can understand the situation but USA, Canada, and UK seems be working. I'm not sure about Australia & New Zealand. So for now i will target top 3 countries only, if i find other countries not restricted then i'll add it to my list. Now coming to epacket, try CJ dropshipping's CJpacket for Canada & UK. Also try hypersku. Aliexpress standard shipping is better than epacket these days but you can't track it on apps like aftership. For USA, use USPS/UPS only.
  6. @baller do you order through AliExpress or CSV? Do they add yunexpress as an option in the VIP listing? @TT2019 I've heard of hypersku. The prices are high but UI is better than CJ so looks promising. Haven't ordered yet. Salehoo is only a directory mostly for wholesale like Alibaba
  7. @Youjezzzzz that's what i said. In countries like Japan. Means every tier 1 country. Japan was an example.
  8. It all depends on knowledge and experience. If you have the same level of knowledge and experience as the Verum Ecom team then a couple of products not more than 5 might be enough to find a new decent winner.
  9. Please make detailed posts. So much information is missing. Is it a CBO or non CBO? CBO can get slightly affected but non CBOS don't. Do you know how to read and understand metrics? What makes you think "isn't doing so well"? Keep in mind, FB is inconsistent. Give it some time, but if you see certain metrics like CPC is terrible from the start then it will continue to be terrible. In that case, go ahead and turn off the adset.
  10. You would not like reading this but 'it depends'. Here, you should be able to read the metrics and data you have. If audience reaches checkout page means there's no problem in Ad part. The problem can be:- 1. Your web design, especially checkout design. Make sure it's appealing to the eye and has branding. I don't know if it has because i don't know your store. 2. Your product itself. They might have some questions about the product or concerns about it. It's best to have abandoned cart recovery setup but it only works if they gave their email address. I use exit intent along with it to further capture leads. 3. Your offer. It might not be appealing to them to checkout RIGHT NOW which brings me to the last concern. 4. Are you not nudging them to make a checkout? You should. With a checkout urgency tactic & combining it with exit intent discount at checkout OR a money back guarantee reminder (i do the later one more for now) Did this helped you in any way? Leave a like by pressing the heart icon at the bottom right of this reply. Still have any questions? Just reply and i'll answer when i can!
  11. Welcome to my profile! You can choose to follow me to get notified whenever i put some value post out there! 💜

  12. USA & other tier 1 countries seems to be not restricting packages. But other countries have lockdowns. Be aware with Australia & NZ though as i saw them on the lockdown countries' list.
  13. @Youjezzzzz Dropshipping is not a business model. It is a fulfilment method. You can dropship in Phillipines but as i said before, you need to stock goods to provide COD. I know 3rd world countries closely because i know many people who are crushing it but they all needed COD to succeed. So, if you read slowly what i read above, it is not advisable to dropship in a 3rd world country. In countries like Japan you can cause they are tier 1 countries.
  14. There are other things like using animation that Verum Ecom team uses, like in their posture corrector & mosquito trap x Ads, to keep people engaged. I didn't mention it because it's not scroll stopper but to keep people engaged.
  15. OMG i forgot to mention one very important thing. Nowadays, facebook & instagram feed in mobile has autoplay but it's still very important for you to upload custom thumbnails for places where autoplay is not enabled. Use this thumbnail as an example. More creativity is on you.
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