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  1. If you plan on selling mask on shopify, then don't bother. They have started to ban stores that sells mask. Creative mask are still okay but not those surgery mask or N95 Mask.
  2. Autoplacement when testing audience. Edit placement when scaling. You would be surprise that some of the sales will come from stories feed.
  3. I did this strategy a little bit different than yours. Instead of CBO rotating, I do adset level rotating with new campaign everytime I need to test new adsets.
  4. I just started out 9 days ago. And through out the first 4 days, I keep studying the analytics and micro-managing my ads. My rule of thumb: Ad creative Audience Store landing page I never once thought of winning product. As long the product can give benefits, you are good to go. I don't go for trending product such as phone case, earring, necklace and etc as they do not provide much value in life.
  5. As long your ads are requesting to click, comment, share or like, it will put your ads into Low-Quality.
  6. Upsell/Cross-sell CandyRack Loyalty (Best For Returning Customer) Smile.io Messenger (Best at converting ATC to Purchase) Messenger Channel Facebook Live Chat Suppliers From US/EU Spocket Exchange/Returns (Recommended for bigger store) Aftership Return Center Paypal Tracking Uptrack Addtrackinginfo Recurring Payments (Best use for products that sell daily necessity) Recurring Payments Search Engine Optimization SEO Site Audit, Benchmark Hero Email List Klaviyo Notification (Best use for General/Niche store) PushOwl QR Codes Shopcodes I will update the list whenever I have the chance to try and use on my store. So far these are the apps that I used and has been converting well for my store. Note: You do not need to install all these apps, just pick the one you need.
  7. Instead of using CBO, you might want to try on adset budget level. This way you can control your amount spend linearly. Or you could set a minimum amount adset spend on your CBO campaign. I assume you didn't set any limit to your adset budget on your CBO?
  8. Just set your ad account time zone to your time zone. Get an app on your desktop showing the time zone that you want. This way, you won't be confuse about the time zone.
  9. Wait so the audience you have been testing is cold market? If so, that might explain. Did you go towards phase 2 or still at phase 1? Personally when you try to scale it, I would create a new CBO with a new budget. Just duplicate your winning adset into the new CBO. This way you won't mess up your current CBO/Adset analytics.
  10. The only thing I notice for most of us is that, those who are success are always the one who either have the perseverance to go forward or the one who didn't have much money and they start to have a kick on their butt to be more focus. Tell me if you guys didn't notice this.
  11. Its normal to have some days profitable and some days not. Look out for average in a week or a month. That way, you will know the true profits of your product. Don't micro-manage too much as it can be daunting. Check your ads every 2-3 days for consistent result.
  12. Good luck! However, it's better for you to have a part-time job at least to supplement your ads during your first trial.
  13. Never tried before. If you are more familiar with squarespace platform, you can give it a try and see the outcome. The only way for you to know is by experimenting it yourself.
  14. Awesome! And yes couldn't agree more about persevere even though there's multiple failures.
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